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  1. Islandbawn St, just off the Falls Road failed to reach its guide price of £37000 at the previous auction, the guide price was reduced to £30,000 and 10 days before this auction the house could have been agreed for £37,000. I was very tempted but didn't. It then sells on Tuesday evening for £47,000. What the F**K!!!
  2. I called an Estate Agent in Belfast last Thursday about a house i am interested in and i arranged to view it on Monday past, the agent did say that an offer had been made on the house and that if the bank accepted it then the viewing would be cancelled, which i was fine about. They called me last Friday to cancel as the offer had been accepted. All straight forward so far until i seen yesterday that the house is back on the market and with a reduced asking price. Has the Estate Agent called me to see if i am still interested? NO he hasn't. How poor is this? Can't believe it to be honest.
  3. Ok , so where would you advise me to invest my 12k? In the bank at 4% and get £480pa. Surely BTL is fine if you get a bargain of a house in a decent area with no problem renting?
  4. All a bit negative lads but agree with talking to an accountant. Everyone is on here talking about prices falling and bidding R.V less 10 or 20%, and i find decent 3 bed terrace houses, in decent areas, not council estates and in good order for 50% less than R.V. and still people are saying no way. At these prices it is pre 2003 prices from my research. A house for 48k with a 25% deposit is 12k and the bank gives me 36k at say 4% so interest is 120pcm and i am certain i could get 450pcm, which leaves me with 330 pcm. Ok i must pay rates and some maintainces but nothing serious and some tax, but for 12k of my own money i think its not a bad deal.I am well aware that BTL isn't straight forward but at these seriously low prices and cheap interest rates its not a bad investment if you are smart about it.
  5. Hi guys, have been keeping an eye on here for a while now and agree with most people that prices will fall again in 2013 but do you think there is value at the bottom end? Would you consider 50% less than R.V and a 12% yeild as a buy to let as value? I'm beginning to think that there is some value out there especially with houses less than 50k.
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