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  1. Hi, I would be interested in some ideas for sure, I don't think you can pm yet until you have 10 posts, could be wrong or perhaps you could send me your email Cheers
  2. Does anyone know if there is stamp duty to pay when a house is over the threshold but only part built , ( watertight) never been lived in etc
  3. I know it's a hard question to answer but ball park figures or from experience what would it cost to finish a house of approx 4000sqf The house is watertight, roof , windows etc Basically, internally plastered ( internal walls are block work ), all plumbing, floor screed, ufh both floors, electrics, septic tank ( not on mains ), basically everything to get it to the 2nd fix stage of fitting out , kitchens, doors, flooring, bathrooms , paint etc
  4. As stated in one of my earlier posts the house is approx 6-8 years old, not 80 And nowhere near Belfast btw
  5. Thanks and that's why I started his thread, basically for advice on things you normally wouldn't think of checking on, before buying Which issues were pointed out to you if you don't mind sharing or anything you can think off in the way of advice, apart from builder/surveyor
  6. Cash buyer Asking price and what the EA expects it to got for, unless there is a bidding war which I doubt, if that does happen I will pull out at a certain point im happy with
  7. The area is perfect, certainly nothing to worry about there. Just to make it clear I never mentioned the toilet was cemented, just silicone on a few plug holes and 3 or 4 electric sockets and I think 4 bedroom carpets slashed The house is quite large and currently sitting at 45% under RTV, after fitting it out to our spec it would still be approx. 33% under RTV depending on the final sale price From, looking around it , there seems to be a lot of money spent on the actual build and quite a lot of small details which would make you think no expense was spared when built Probably one reason why its repossessed currently Will keep this thread updated on any changes, findings etc
  8. Yea all those things have been calculated approx, it's more the things you wouldn't normally think about I would be worried about, as I have never dealt with a repo before Damp doesn't seem to a problem and the house is approx 6-8 years old btw
  9. Camera will certainly be going down drains , plug holes and anywhere else that I can think off Was thinking of getting a few trades in to look round with me, and someone to do the drains etc I will put aside 5-10k for the unexpected , and hope for the best I'm sure there is bound to be something hidden, when they left the house as it was In saying that it wasn't too bad, just cut blinds, carpets etc and the previously mentioned Didn't break any windows, bathroom tiles, showers, toilets etc All wooden floors are in v good order Still early days and it might go over what I'm prepared to pay, but wanted some advice as to what to look out for and what costs are involved compared to buying A 'normal' property
  10. Anyone have any experience / tips etc on the process of buying a repo The house im looking at has an offer on it at the moment which has been refused, but don't think it will go for a lot more The previous owner has removed almost everything internally, inc radiators, boiler, doors, 1 of the baths, entire kitchen and has filled a few sink holes and electrical sockets with silicone before they left, well that's all that can be seen anyway What sort of checks would you personally make before making an offer
  11. All fair points and taken on board Wouldn't mind that one in Craigavon coming onto market where im looking, minus 1500sqf!
  12. Depends on how patient you can be I guess, before too many years pass you buy, when the choice is very very slim ie out of big city locations etc where they not as many houses on the market 3-4 years and 3-4 houses that have been of interest 99% of the time im a head person, just sometimes something says , ' you know what, just go for it at 'all' costs'
  13. Would you pay over rateable value for example, for a property you really wanted.
  14. Just wondering if you have nothing similar to compare a house to, for where you are looking, how would you personally value a house Would you go by RTV and knock of X amount Go with what you are prepared to pay basically Would you pay more than RTV if it was your dream home and you just had to have it, and this was going to be a family home for years and years to come and you possibly didn't see yourself moveing from there ( room to expand etc if needed )
  15. If you class 30 years old as old, then yes its old Yes i have seen the river when there has been very heavy rain and the river obviously rises but doesnt get onto the garden and no where near the house At a guess the house is on top of a slope approx 75 metres away, thats a guess to be honest, but as i said no where near the house itself No rising damp anywhere that i could see, had a good look behind doors, curtains etc Its that old adage, location location location, the house itself needs alot of work and when done it would bring it up to bang on RTV give or take 5k but even me the eternal pessimist thinks that when completed it would be as close to perfection as ive seen, in the area im looking, for 3-4 years with all the room needed to extend if needs be in future years Alot of thinking to do over the weekend
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