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  1. Cheers Bosh, flaming? You should see A&E at 1am at the weekend. Someone called me a c**t yesterday as I walked in the front door to start my shift. The only support this policy has comes from the politics of envy and ignorance, numerous one line examples of which can be seen throughout this thread. They abuse but don't actually debate the underlying issues. Lets face it, none of them probably earns a salary of 50k+ (given the quality of their replies Its obvious why),if they did I'd expect their arguments to be of a better quality and more informed of how the real world works. They tal
  2. Look it's not difficult Income Tax over 42.5k = 40% NI over 42.5k = 2% Child benefit for two kids per year = £34 x 52 = £1768 So there is a loss of 17.68% in income earned between 50k and 60k. Obviously 40 + 2 + 17.68 = c. 60%
  3. I suspect it will cost more in administrative bureaucracy and lost revenues as Per my example above as any net saving.
  4. Thanks for all your replies. The 67% was incorrect, I apologise, I used the figure from someone with 3 kids, for me it's 60% (40% income tax, 2% NI, 18% loss of child benefit at 60k), still immorally high for what isn't a massive family wage IMHO. You may disagree but remember a husband and wife on c. 22-23k each take home a similar amount between them as what i do on 50k, would it be fair to tax both of them at 60% beyond 22k? See how well that would go down. Yes the best way round it would be to resign and then do the same job through an agency/freelance. Expenses could be claimed and my
  5. I'm another who is now turning down overtime due to this. I'm a doctor in an A&E department, I make about 48k a year for an average 50hr week. Over the last few years I've been bumping this up to 60 k by helping to fill in gaps in the rota. This has helped to pay for things like paying down student loans, overpaying the mortgage, a family car and a summer holiday. We have two preschool kids and my wife doesn't work as her salary would be wiped out by childcare costs. Now I'm faced with a marginal tax rate of 67% from 50-60k! WTF! So bust my balls for 10 hours at 3am and get paid f
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