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  1. I don't get it, above a takeaway, on a main road, there's a council block about 100 yards away. I was in rural Northern Ireland two weeks ago, that sort of cash would've bought a six bed mansion with acres of land.
  2. Cheers Bosh, flaming? You should see A&E at 1am at the weekend. Someone called me a c**t yesterday as I walked in the front door to start my shift. The only support this policy has comes from the politics of envy and ignorance, numerous one line examples of which can be seen throughout this thread. They abuse but don't actually debate the underlying issues. Lets face it, none of them probably earns a salary of 50k+ (given the quality of their replies Its obvious why),if they did I'd expect their arguments to be of a better quality and more informed of how the real world works. They talk of "morality", but what of the morality of punitively taxing those who work hard to get ahead in life and to support their family and add value to society? If you remove the incentive to work hard and get on people either give up and loaf or they bugger off to somewhere else, then how much talent, experience and tax income are you left with? They talk of cuts and overspending, I don't disagree, but I've just given a personal example of the fact that this is COSTING the taxpayer tens of thousands of pounds in agency locum fees. Possibly more as people like me decide salaried positions and PAYE are a big con and we go independent. PLEASE ADDRESS THIS POINT. Also hardly anyone wants to address the point as to why one on 60k doesn't get it but a couple with a Combined income of 100k do, a 3 year old can see the injustice here, but strangely our policy makers can't. Because I for one am getting peed off with being punished for success, hard work and doing a bit extra to get the good things in life for my family. What system is it that disincentivises hard work? For each of us there is a straw which breaks the camels back, I think mine is about to be loaded on and I suspect many more like me feel the same. I give it two years before its quietly abandoned for the 2015 election.
  3. Look it's not difficult Income Tax over 42.5k = 40% NI over 42.5k = 2% Child benefit for two kids per year = £34 x 52 = £1768 So there is a loss of 17.68% in income earned between 50k and 60k. Obviously 40 + 2 + 17.68 = c. 60%
  4. I suspect it will cost more in administrative bureaucracy and lost revenues as Per my example above as any net saving.
  5. Thanks for all your replies. The 67% was incorrect, I apologise, I used the figure from someone with 3 kids, for me it's 60% (40% income tax, 2% NI, 18% loss of child benefit at 60k), still immorally high for what isn't a massive family wage IMHO. You may disagree but remember a husband and wife on c. 22-23k each take home a similar amount between them as what i do on 50k, would it be fair to tax both of them at 60% beyond 22k? See how well that would go down. Yes the best way round it would be to resign and then do the same job through an agency/freelance. Expenses could be claimed and my wife employed to do my accounts and paperwork thereby bringing my personal total below 50k. There is a recruitment problem in A&E due to the stressful nature and antisocial hours that come with the work. Given the ever increasing feminisation of medicine I suspect this will persist as female doctors predominantly choose 9-5 specialities or work part time . Many doctors and nurses are resigning and doing the same job thru agencies on larger salaries. Of course the NHS/treasury would probably end up paying double for my services if you add on the agency cut but at least they've saved 2 grand on the CB! What a wonderful policy and one which is going to backfire spectacularly.
  6. I'm another who is now turning down overtime due to this. I'm a doctor in an A&E department, I make about 48k a year for an average 50hr week. Over the last few years I've been bumping this up to 60 k by helping to fill in gaps in the rota. This has helped to pay for things like paying down student loans, overpaying the mortgage, a family car and a summer holiday. We have two preschool kids and my wife doesn't work as her salary would be wiped out by childcare costs. Now I'm faced with a marginal tax rate of 67% from 50-60k! WTF! So bust my balls for 10 hours at 3am and get paid for 3 of them right? So what's happened? The hospital have employed an agency locum at 80 quid an hour to cover the shifts I would've done for about a third of that. So they pay 36k when they could've paid me 12k for the same work. Meanwhile several colleagues who are married to other doctors with kids gross 80-100k between them and keep their child allowance.
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