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  1. This is very true in and around this area - particulary Friday/Saturday evening/nights and especially in the Summer time when all the underage drinkers are on their school holidays. They are beautiful houses and the areas do look great but this is the caveat you really need to watch out for. It can cause major headaches and problems for residents with the amount of anti-social behaviour that has occured over the years with youths making their way to Belfast Castle and the Cavehill Country Park via these routes.
  2. I reckon they like talking down the market especially in NI as property, land etc. will bottom out quicker and the developers/investors and the like will be like kids in a candy shop buying up everything when it happens. As much as all of this protests is causing harm the elite will use it to their own advantage. With the way things are going on top of the property crash, on top of the world recession they will be back lapping it all up when NI hits the wall - trouble or not. There is always more than meets the eye when it comes to money interests. I believe it was the great German phil
  3. That 4 bed detached off Malone Road £250k- I'm wishing to grasp will be hitting the market soon. Bring it on.
  4. Absolutely - Just going back to Jonathan Davis on the Nolan show saying that prices will drop to 80% in NI - I wonder if that time is now fast approaching?
  5. A sale has now been agreed for the premises for the more humble sum of £825,000 according to Ulster Property Services.
  6. 50 Malone Park Malone Lower Belfast BT9 6NN Property Details Description : House Outbuildings Garden Capital Value Non-Exempt : £1,050,000.00 Capital Value Exempt : £0.00 Property Size : 275.00 Square Metres Central Heating : Yes Garage : Yes minus 20% under RV as you've suggested = £840,000 Luck not needed - Reality
  7. Well, if it's fact that this house in BT9 is down to 76.43% of its peak value from 2007 then surely everywhere in the province MUST follow suit from here on in.
  8. I just came across this clip on YouTube in regards to the amount of empty shops in Belfast. Is it really this bad are is it exaggerated? I noticed Marcus Music is in one of the clips - I use to go in there many a time when I was a nipper.
  9. You got me there - fell for the elephant trap lets hope the detached will follow suit
  10. Pleb - blue collar - working class etc. loud and proud
  11. Cheers for the link - I saw that one earlier. Stamp Duty would be crippling, there is no doubt about it - that's why I ask if it would be possible for the ideal figure of £249,999 would become available in the BT9 area as this is the magical number for the 1% stamp duty. Rates prices are again taken into consideration – they are hefty. I have to do more research and see if this really warrants such an expense to live in BT9. A 4 bed detached house is ideally what I'm looking for. But if a fantastic 3 bed detached became available in BT9 I would accept the compromise as long it's under £250
  12. I hear what you're saying - and you would be right in your observations - but there is the odd property that isn't far of the mark today albeit not the exact property I have in mind. take this one for example - just off Malone Road 2 Sans Souci Lane, Malone Road, Belfast BT9 5BZ 3 Bed Detached house For Sale Offers Over £299,950 My link who knows this year, or the next, or the following £250k might become a reality in and around the area. I'm sure the super, fancy, s*****y, abodes - in lets say the private road of 'Notting Hill' wouldn't go a low as this, granted. But surprises may spr
  13. Heavy rates bill is the killer for living in BT9 I suppose. Ah well, I will just have to sit it out and hope for the best.
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