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  1. When the UK winter gets too much the plan is to head over to the south of Spain, I'll try and spend as much time living on farms in exchange for food, housing & training. I'll probably also spend time living with the hippies who camp en masse around the Orgiva region in Granada & grow their own food, often cooking collectively. Many live in tipi's, yurts and adobe huts. I'll keep my ear to the ground and source out similar sites in Europe. These people appear to have mastered the art of dropping out & living relatively well. The Summer months will be spent in the UK, again I'll spend as much time exchanging labour for food & roof, I'm keen on sourcing out places with community, as I feel this really adds to one's quality of iife. There are many such places on the Welsh coast as well as in the west country. I'd like to travel widely, hence seeking a vehicle which could give me a decent mpg, I don't plan to spend much time sleeping in it. My ultimate aim is to find a place where I can settle down and grow some food & be close enough to like minded people to feel part of a community. This could be either in the UK or somewhere in Europe. I'll probably convert a diesel estate or a MPV, the latter is looking more promising & seems to be popular on the continent & australia. I want to spend as much of my time outdoors. Regards work, I suffered a severe burnout from work a few years back, and since then have done the odd bit of freelance work. I'm very interested in the food growing subsistence lifestyle, & the purpose of my travels is also to find somewhere I can setlle where such a culture exists. I'm hoping I can continue doing the odd bit of freelancing whilst I travel. Yes, I will put up a blog & quite possibly a website as well. This trip is not about comfort but about seeking possiblities & alternatives. Living in the city I feel as though my senses & my brain have died, cold fresh air & a little discomfort has always been a great way of becoming alive again. I've thought this through carefully, but at present I'm reluctunt to divulge too much
  2. Thanks for the speedy replies. Thanks for the encouraging comments & links. Everyone else thinks I’m nut  I’m planning on using the http://www.workaway.info/ site and do some honest healthy manual labour in exchange for food & house. I’m ruling out the 4wd, too expensive to run. Thanks for the tips, yes been looking at vw t4/t5. Thanks for the LDV CONVOY suggestion, at 40mpg that looks very affordable. The Mazda Bongo also looks good. I'm over 40 btw
  3. Right. Here goes: After nearly a decade of becoming increasingly miserable in a well sought after area of inner city London I finally sold the flat to a bunch of creative wealthy hipsters and am in the process of moving into a forest with a canvas bell tent. Why? I'm sick of the pollution, the people & their desperation to be hip, the struggling & depressed poor, the destitute ghettos, the unfriendliness, the constant coughs & viruses which shoot through the city like wildfire (I'm immune compromised so this hits me hard), the recycled sewage that passes for drinking tap water, the rubbish food in the supermarkets, the overpriced decent food in the farmers markets, being forced to excercise in sweaty virus ridden gyms (I need fresh air and long hikes in nature), the work- commute-crash-wake-up cycle .... and more. The quality of life sucks. I'm tired, sick, demoralised and need to escape. Anything is better then this. So, I need some advice. I've looked into campervans, diesels estate cars (great mpg) and I'm now looking into 4wd with good mpg. I'm going to spend a year living as cheap as possible and hiking along the coasts to regain my health & vitality. I'l also be spending my time eating healthily, doing some meditation, reading & writing. Or in other words finally having a life. Decided against the campervan as I need something that is cheaper, does better mpg and can go off road. I think a 4wd, with camping gear, and the rear seats removed so I can sleep in the back should I need to is the way forward. I can cook outside, shit in a hole (IA good shovel is useful) & I'll carry lots of water. I need to get a leisure battery hooked-up as I'll need a little bit of power for laptop & mobile phone. And a 5m canvas bell tent. For heating I'll look into portable gas or wood stoves.
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