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  1. Gosh! Another 5 years and rates might make it into single figures.
  2. This seems as good a thread as any... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-44353321
  3. I saw that on the BBC and thought it said "Torys R Us". Oh well.
  4. 40% over a pretty generous threshold, and one which is getting bigger all the time...
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/nov/15/google-commits-to-massive-new-london-hq All very nice, but another 3,000 people working in the very centre of London? I can see their point: if you're a youthful demon programmer from the Czech Republic or somewhere, a highly-paid job in the very centre of London might well seem extremely attractive, unlike if it was sited in Nottingham or somewhere. But once again, it's just going to contribute to London becoming still more economically dominant and still more expensive...
  6. Maybe the HPC website will end up being the driver of the entire UK economy. How ironic.
  7. They should move the UK parliament to Scotland. That would confuse matters enormously...
  8. So are hotels suffering as a result, or is Airbnb creating an extra market for people who wouldn't come otherwise? If the hotels are losing customers it should presumably be visible in the form of lower prices, or maybe closures.
  9. No, that's not him. His head's a much stranger shape than that. Also, he's only about 12.
  10. I actually laughed out loud. You really do have to love this lot.
  11. But directors are very often employees of the company, and often it seems that decisions they make (especially in regard to executive pay) are ones that are extremely favourable to themselves.
  12. Interesting discussion. The style of argument mostly seems to be "I think blah blah blah, therefore private/grammar/comprehensive schools are better than others". That's exactly the technique that's generally used by Education Ministers (see Mr Gove in particular..).
  13. What happens in all the other countries of the world? I don't even know how the English system compares with Scotland: I'm not sure if we've ever really had the equivalent of grammar schools in Scotland. When I was at school in Scotland (over 30 years ago now) it was essentially just a big comprehensive with a pretty clear distinction between who'd be sitting O-level equivalents and who wouldn't. I doubt if things have changed much in the meantime, and I don't know if things have ever been much different.
  14. Yes, there seem to be tons of big developments in the Penicuik-Dalkeith area. I suspect most of the occupants are going to want to drive everywhere, so it should be fun on the roads...
  15. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/08/19/help-to-buy-isa-scandal-500000-first-time-buyers-told-scheme-can/ Oh dear.
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