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  1. It's never the case that downturns affect all. Plenty of people make it through a crash unscathed.
  2. He sounds much older than I thought he was!
  3. Too right. I'll never understand why people think a return to more affordable housing is a bad thing. When prices fall this is always good news. Homes are to live in not to profit from.
  4. Yeah, maybe they will start reporting the real news re house prices now. You've had your chance Gordy!
  5. I agree. And I don't see why we should accept it any longer without pointing out just how anti-social it is. It isn't something to agree to differ on any longer, just like we can't agree to differ on whether smoking causes cancer. Don't be so bloody stupid. BTL isn't the only way to make money so don't assume that those who have decided not to invest in something so morally bankrupt haven't made money in other socially acceptable ways. Sell your BTL. There, that's something constructive. Don't you feel better now?
  6. Not good enough really. Owning more than one property is having a negative impact on others. You could do something about that. Your decision not to is morally questionable. We shouldn't, as a society, pussyfoot around these issues. Your actions are anti-social. That's not rude, it's just a statement of fact. Or would you rather that wasn't pointed out to you? Do something of value in 2007! What an opportunity you have!
  7. Actually, there is a need to do anything that will get people to realise that their actions have an impact on others. Me, me, me just doesn't work any more. Sell it and pay your bill. Seems fair to me. And it also has incredibly low wages. Brighton is one of the most stretched bubbles around.
  8. LOL! Ramp away little man. May the new year see you realising the error of your ways. Sell that bloody BTL and start living a responsible life.
  9. Or maybe, just maybe, there aren't as many buyers as we are led to believe...
  10. Do you ever ask yourself how these people buying are affording it?
  11. You can either believe the VIs or you can see for yourself what is happening. Are houses selling the day they go on the market or are they taking time to sell in your area? Are EAs rushed off their feet or twiddling their thumbs, sending out emails and house details? Do you see EA offices packed full with potential buyers or are they largely empty? What anecdotes do you hear from family and friends? Are their wages rising rapidly to keep equal pace with house price inflation? I'm guessing not. What you read about 'the good times' is all blather and spin. I'd be happy to believe it if I experienced it or saw people close to me experience it. That isn't happening. We're in a bubble that has already started to burst in some areas.
  12. Interesting... I was talking to a physio last night who can't afford to buy despite a big salary and has just rejected buying to let as 'the maths don't add up'. It is all very interesting! If you buy to let and can't, how long before panic sets in?
  13. Hardly! London maybe but there are parts of the south east that seem to have taken a battering!
  14. Sell his house to me at a fair price and live in it as my tenant for the rest of his life.
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