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  1. As a Father, it really bothers me that my Son who is 3 years old, will inherit an expectation that his generation of British Citizen, will have a National Debt of Trillions of Pounds. Little prospect of a decent home, unless I can scam a way to give him mine when I die less taxes. Dire employment prospects compared to myself when I was 16 years old and an education system micromanaged by Michael Gove. Its time we changed the way we do things isnt it, unless lets face it the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland isnt going to be worth a damn,
  2. There seems to be quite a lot of "Sold - STC" activity in South Ribble/Preston Area, but prices are around 2003-2004 asking prices. The housing bubble has burst here. Prices have reached a peak of affordability, prices cannot increase because wages are not enough to secure any kind of mortgage. Now is a pretty idiotic time to buy in terms of prices will surely fall, but the best time to buy in terms of getting a mortgage. Lancashire is not London, for one its a lot cleaner and prettier but also wages are much lower. If you see a lot of prices too high here it will stay on the market for ye
  3. 7 Year rule would mean they have disposed of assets to precured and advantage.
  4. From my own experience of Santander, they seem to have a very strict way of doing business. For instance I recently tried to pay cash in to one of my suppliers accounts and was told, their account doesnt support cash payments at a branch and that it had to be done by bacs. When I did it by bacs it took 3 working days and not done via faster payments (2 hours normally). I couldnt add a reference number for the payment, so I had to tell my supplier the amount credited in pounds and pence so he knew it was from me. I would say not a impressive way to attract new business. I do not and will n
  5. Knowing the Americans, they would probably subcontract the production of bullets to a Chinese company too.
  6. The next election is in 2 years time. I am only focused on issues affecting me this year. Afterall if I go broke this year, I doubt very much the promises made and broken on the next general election will be relevant to me. No, not suicide. . . . Austrailia !
  7. If he rented he would have flexibility but that doesnt help him get a mortgage when he wants to settle down does it. What is he going to do rent for the rest of his life. I know the wind blows in the direction of holding out on this website, but when peoples futures are in the balance, my advice would be rent for the time being and save save save. If you are self employed get your accounts audited, this will help you obtain a mortgage if and when your ready to do so.
  8. I earn over £100k a year (much more) and the loss of my child benefit for my child is less of an attack on me, but an attack on my child. So yes I do take it personal and yes the conservative will not definitely not get my vote at the next election. Its not about the money its is about the priniciple of it all. A attack on my child is seen as one hundred attacks on me. Lets just scrap child benefit altogether shall we and we will make do with what we do or do not earn. Afterall we have to reduce the deficit. (Plonkers - the Government)
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