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  1. You've been a member for over 3 years and you've only posted 50 odd times! You stuck in Eugene's Lair?

  2. Maybe on a small scale they've realised the upside potential and have been accumulating what the western central banks have been offloading.
  3. 'Spend' your money on gold coins and stash them under the matress, you've then got a store of wealth that won't show up as savings, ok you could argue this is an investment but who's going to know. People here may have suggestions of a non-monetary store of wealth other than gold?
  4. This has got to win. 6 Bedrooms, detached, well equipped kitchen, extension, immaculate condition only £125,000 (Well the price at the top of the page at least) http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-731...a_n=10&tr_t=buy Ooh yea, almost forgot to mention, it's a tent! (Obviously a typo on rightmove's part, but I almost pi$$ed myself when I saw it, shall we give the EAs some entertainment and all ring up putting in an offer of £119,999 to avoid stamp duty)
  5. Potential to expand outside of the UK market would be my guess. They've got a formula that works and a large part of the world, particularly Asia to conquor.
  6. The odds of GB being the next labour leader on betfair are 1.36, if you're that sure lay away, I've been tempted to have a punt but my track record of political gambling isn't the best (layed away on Prodi, Cambell and Cameron!)
  7. Did anyone notice when the FTSE was in the green this morning the BBC had the market data box on the BBC news main page then as soon as the FTSE went back into the red it mysteriously dissapeared. Now down 0.5%, but that's still "Markets Rallying" according to them
  8. Yep -201.95 atm , seems like "sell in May and go away" is a good strategy this year.
  9. I'm using IE6.0 with connection >5Mb but I'm still having the same problem of not being able to scroll properly until the whole page has loaded, I can't say I've noticed any improvement from when the ticker was first introduced. Edit : Hold on, I've just realised the ticker has gone but I've still got the same problem! I'm certain I used to be able to scroll properly while a page was loading and I noticed the problem at pretty much the same time the ticker was added ... ?
  10. Increased money supply + quest for yield + inability to find yield = gold price increase It doesn't get much simpler. "Unless you can solve the mystery of the seven seals - Vernon Howell"
  11. I thought I'd read this thread to make sure it wasn't just me, the page scroll jolts for the duration of the page loading, after that everything's fine, not really a great annoyance as it's only for a second. (IE6 here)
  12. To see how much they're worth take a look at baird and co's website. Unless you really need the money now the majority of advice on here will to keep hold of them. If you want to sanity check that advice there's a thread a little further down about what could cause the price of gold to fall. If you're thinking about buying more then do plenty of research and try and get balanced opinions (and form your own) There's stacks of resoures on the web that you'll find with google just like this. I'm sure you're the envy of many
  13. Anyone here got any theories as to why Warren Buffet is investing in Israel at the moment? Is it purely a case of good value, or could there be more to it?
  14. Dollar's just gone vertically through £1.85, something's up.
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