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  1. shame most on here have not posted something here, as this is one of the most important posts on this site.
  2. That is the solution, one that should be done, but one that will never be carried out because of vested interests, but the majority do not see that, they blame HB for house price rises.
  3. Now you lot blame housing benefits for that, I think a few here did say this would happen, rents would rise and that people would blame housing benefit. When the blame has to go to the transfer of those that used to get social housing into the private market, are now being pushed out to other areas, just wait till they group all the poor in your local area. People on here complained about the HB living in central London, now they complain about them pushing up rents in outer parts of London, and have rents drop in central London no they have not. You might as well Blame housing benefit for
  4. Its has a the same effect as fractional banking in a way, but safer, as all of the money is spent.
  5. Seems like the US is in a war path to destroy Europeans Banks. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/jan/04/swiss-bank-wegelin-close-tax-evasion
  6. that seems correct, giving money to the unemployed does save jobs, strange as it sound but true.
  7. What evidence do you have that the unemployed live in a better place? you have a very few articles that say only 3 families, what about the other 99.999999999 % they most likely live in a sub standard place.
  8. Its the private sector that's dragging our economy, the private sector relies on public sector money look at the billions given every year in subsidies, give one large company that is not getting government money. look at china the companies are 50/50 public private. Welfare + public spending could be cut 50% over night if EU laws were changed. Laws can be changed or disregarded by nations in the EU for example the SEA act freedom of movement in Europe this does not exist 100%. Look at China would you want to be the unlucky worker , working for 14 hours everyday, china is only able to m
  9. either they have no incentive to work or they find a way to avoid paying taxes, when taxes are high, the difference the high tax payers are allowed to find alternative ways not to pay tax.
  10. I'am against tax credits full stop, the 30 billion on tax credits could be used to build homes. out of all the types benefits, tax credits would have been the first to go.
  11. The data included the whole of Westminster, in fact Westminster Kensington and Chelsea have one of the lowest number of housing claimants in London, to tell me they are pushing up the rents is ridiculous. Look at the data that spans a good few years look at the number of HB in social rented accommodation in those areas it has been in decline, which correlates to the increase in demand from the private sector, but in other areas.
  12. 87% of people that receive HB work, the number of HB claimants since April 2011 have dropped in central London, but rents are still rising, the councils that border central London have seen an increase in HB claimants. The number of social homes HB claimants have been on a decrease in central London , the number of private rented accommodation HB claimants have increased in border councils to central London.
  13. Plus social home HB claimants have been decreasing, while the private sector has been increasing, this means that either those councils have less housing stock, or that people in social housing are working work because of the cheap rents.
  14. Oh BTW the 3 conservative central London council the claimants have been dropping in those areas, while around those areas the claimant count has been rising, rents in central London continue to increase, but rents in the councils bordering to those wealth areas have been increasing as well, since April 2011.
  15. Councils are selling of homes BMV to private investors, they wanted to shrink there social managed homes and that's what they have been doing for the past 2 years. They have raised the rents to market level to justify this.
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