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  1. i do some realy silly things on the aim markets notatably bzm.iqe and xel.my first and only two certificated shares were tw. at 32 and rbs at 30 pre considiliation.
  2. why should i need to know the percentage its pretty irrelivent has ive bought it,far more important is the percentage interest saved if i make steady overpayments.well what do i expect to gain,em opinions i see you debate about bullion prices the footsie and i myriad of other subjects besides the bottom falling out of the houseing market.i hope my explanation is good enough for you but pray if it is not what are you going to do? take my birthdays off me?
  3. it was only a 49k terrace,the guy i bought it off paid 67k.no idea what percentage drop that is.id not be surprised if the HM doesnt drop another 15-20% over the next 2 years but if you take the rent i was paying at my last place into account ie £500 a month ,then i can take a hit.its for liveing in you see any profit in 20 years is a bonus.
  4. glad i bought my little terraced hovel in stoke for 49k 2 months ago,i might not earn a great deal (20-22k) but my 36.5k morgage only costs me 250 a month .i just need a thai nurse now has a lodger for 200 plus a month and im sorted
  5. we only need the chinese to stop buying or sell dollars and its game over.imo obviesly.
  6. http://www.newsbiscuit.com/2012/12/30/first-time-buyers-struggling-to-raise-deposits-for-season-tickets/
  7. they should be paying the full cost of there trainfare,all its doing is expandeing the price of houses in areas that are comutable to london.
  8. we cant let germany get control of our nukes so i surgest we nuke france first or am i being tad over agresive ?
  9. its going to all go peter tong imo.
  10. does anyone on this forum actualy admit to being a btl landlord ?
  11. ive started to pay my morgage off early with any spare cash,at least this then saves me interest.
  12. thats a good retort.maybe im easily pleased but the terraced has more than enough room for my needs.
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