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  1. Ugh, I can't do these kinds of sales.. I can't deal with the amount of people or the drama.. lol guess I miss out on the savings
  2. I've always found politics boring lol I mean, I've tried keeping up with things that matter to my life in various aspects, but it's all been boring rubbish speak trying to figure out what is real and what is puffery.
  3. I knew they wouldn't elect Romney... lately the Republicans have been obvious problems. Electing either McCain or Romney would have brought America down even further. People may not like Obama, but he's done some good things that Bush ******ed up in his 8 years. Bush was a huge mistake.. I don't blame Obama for not being able to fix 8 years of devastation in only 4 years of his first term
  4. I may have to track down that MP3, sounds like something I might enjoy.
  5. They aren't technically mine at this point in time, but there are several gold coins in my family being passed along as my older relatives pass on.
  6. It's better for them to realize when something is unenforcable then to continue to spend who knows how much on the "criminals" in these cases
  7. This basically happened to me. Bank took the house and gave us like, 60 days to move. But, they did give us money to move.. so it wasn't that bad.
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