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  1. Hi guys, I have an offer accepted on a second property to my main residence that I intend to make a rental. I intend to leave this with an agent to manage long term, and I dont intend on taking out any profit, I will just let the rental pay off the repayment mortgage (75% LTV). The property is a £185000 2 bed flat with share of freehold. I work full time and earn £60k basic, no other sources of income. I cant quite work out if it would be beneficial to incorporate. Any advice would be much appreciated. Mortgage rates I have been quoted for a 5 year fixed are Ltd 3.65%
  2. haha blast from the past! you will be happy to know my salary has gone up 20k since then
  3. Hey, I am trying to buy a shared ownership flat but the mortgage I can get with my salary is too high, although my salary is within the limit of eligibility. What can I do to get a lower the offer from the mortgage provider? I guess I can make up some expenses, such as loans etc? Thanks
  4. thanks rollover, can I ask why the timing is perfect?
  5. Hi guys, I was just hoping someone might help me with this. I have found a place which is part of the share to buy scheme which I think is good value for money. It is a 75% share with the housing association and a full value of 290k. I meet the ineligibly requirements, i.e. live locally, first time buyer, with the right salary. However, I can afford to mortgage the full value. I plan to buy shared ownership as I think this place is under market value, then once I have the keys I will 'staircase' to the full 100% ownership. The agency said I can staircase immediately if I wanted to. I assu
  6. Hi there, I was just wondering what your thoughts might be on my situation. I currently have £120k in savings which has taken a very long time (and a bit of luck) to accumulate, and I currently have a perm job (for 3 months now) with a salary of £45k a year. I am single, have no commitments or debt, and no strong ties to family. I am looking to get on the property ladder for the first time, but I want this to be a good investment for the future. I currently rent and work in London, but I also know Bournemouth quite well. My original thoughts were to buy a property both in London and Bour
  7. sold for £262,000 http://www.harman-healy.co.uk/lot-listing.html?lid=5904&ClientID=18
  8. Hi Guys, just wondering on what you think of this property http://www.rightmove.co.uk/new-homes-for-sale/photos/property-40412398.html G
  9. Thanks Mr P, I appreciate your tiem with this. Ive realised that I am so clueless on this now that I am hiring a friend in the know to help me out. Thanks
  10. Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone has seen anything worth buying in the Bournemouth/Boscombe/Westbourne area? I looking for a 2/3 bed up to 200k. I'm really on my own here with no-one to help and I dont have a clue on what a good deal is. I really just want to stay out of negative equity. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  11. Ah I see, looks like an error here as the property is flat 1, 127 belle vue road. Looks like its showing the sold price of a different property (1 belle vue road). Thanks for the help.
  12. Yeah the location is awesome, I walked over to see it yesterday, there is a zig zag down to the beach roughly 20 paces away. over 1400sqm, 999 year lease, no ground rent or annual charge (other than CT) Sure it looks a bit grotty on the outside, but I kind of like that. If I could get that down to 165k I would definitely take it. I've looked everywhere to try and verify the 249k sold price but cant seem to find it. Any advice on this?
  13. p.s. I have never owned property before, and it has taken 12 years of saving to get to this point so i dont really want to take any risks.
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