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  1. I really want to find a decent house near Pinner village or Ruislip but couldn't find anything decent at 360k. I now wants to expand my search to South Ruislip and Eastcote. I like Pinner because it has nice shops, such as Starbucks and close to very good schools (Ofsted Outstanding). Ruislip is also nice because it has Waitrose. Which is better, Ruislip or Eastcote? Do you know any of these roads, are they any good? East Mead HA4 9HJ (South Ruislip) Woodlands Avenue (the East end) HA4 9QY (Eastcote) Royal Crescent HA4 0PJ (South Ruislip)
  2. Hi I like Pinner because it has very good schools (Ofsted 1), nice coffee shops such as Starbucks and not so culturally enriched. I also like Ruislip because it has a big waitrose. But I'm unable to find any decent house there, so I'm now thinking about South Ruislip and Eastcote I found three houses at the following streets, they all have excellent credit ratings and high recommendations in the area guide. But I'm not sure how you think about them? Is Eastcote a better area than South Ruislip? Royal Crescent HA4 0PJ (South Ruislip) Woodlands Avenue HA4 9QY (Eastcote) East Mead HA4 9HJ (South Ruislip)
  3. I don't understand why the first house (the 1st one) has a low credit rating and poor scores? How much do you think it is really worth?
  4. I have never thought about Herne Hill. Thanks for your suggestion! But I searched RM and Primelocation, there are not many houses available under my budget of 360k. Do you know any good EA has good house source for this area?
  5. Sorry, I should have put my budget 360k in the list. I found this 3-bed house near Forest Hill. Is this a nice part of Forest Hill?
  6. Hi My wife and I are looking for a nice house in a nice area to stay for at least 5 years. We currently looking for house in Pinner, Ruislip and Ickenham but we haven't seen many houses come to market, especially for Pinner. So we have decided to look elsewhere too. We are looking for 1. Near Good/Outstanding Primary schools 2. Easy communing to Marylebone Station/Baker street and Bank/Moorgate tube station. 3. 2-bed minimum with a garden for future kids. 4. Nice and safe location (for example, we like Hampstead, Greenwich, Blackheath and Pinner village) We dont' mind to do some DIY. It could be really nice to have waitrose and Starbucks nearby What will you recommend?
  7. I don't know about the area well, so this might seem like a speculation. I've been looking houses in Ruislip & Pinner for almost one year but wouldn't find anything decent. I always thought I cannot find any house below 300k in the central London, do you think should I invest my 350k in this house?
  8. Hello, I found a 3-bedroom Terrace house (Website Link) in the Bloemfontein Road, white city, 1 min from Phoenix Fitness Centre and Janet Adegoke Swimming Pool. I like the house very much and the asking price is 350k. 1. Is 350k a good investment in this location? Do you think if I can gain yield of 8% every year in the next 5-6 years? 2. I'm looking for a family home in a nice neighbourhood. Although the house is only one street away from White City Housing Estate, should I be alerted about this? 3. BBC Media Centre apparently will move out in 2015, do you think if this has any impact on this investment? Many thanks for your help
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