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  1. The exchanges do not hold much. All that is held in exchanges belong to the banksters. Exchanges are there to facilitate the selling and buying and regulate both interested parties to a contract. That take down that just happened was engineered by the bankesters because one of the members has defaulted on physical delivery. A warning of things to come on the psychical level. This is a game changer and will set the fire for gold. I hope so.
  2. dude, try reading between the lines bit more carefully. this is the Internet after all. Correction: down since 1900 and not last engineered take down. They did warn me this ride will be wild and will set my hair on fire. No problem as long as I am out of the loop.
  3. Nah not hundreds just 1. All depends when you invested that 1, date, time and place. makes all the difference.
  4. 3k? I was down at one point just over 100k since last engineered takedown. Not even bothered as i am 99.8% protected since mid 2005. This is ONE of the best investment/protection in the last 100 years. You miss it you will regret it. The bears are going to burn. Physical will soon starts to do all the talking. just watch this space.
  5. yes dude, you dont hold it then you dont own it. All the way physi, 5000 years of trusted use while every fiat from A to Z ended up in the dust bins of history. Someone here posted that they trust good ol' governer to control the supply of fiat. ROFL. Seriously?
  6. I really do miss his posts and insights, hope he returns. I did exactly the opposite and listened only to him and myself in 2005. wife and family thought I was going crazy. A whole house and the kitchen sink went into physical. if it is any consolation to other new starters I am down approx £100k since last October and £55k in the last month but 2.x up since 2005 Not a problem. I do not need to use it for anything thank goodness right now. Now i hope I do not loose my HPC login details again and make a new account. I think this is my 4th or 5th one now.
  7. I am no noob. I can assure you of that. I just been busy setting up my small business and working for myself. Gold gave me that freedom and I am only in my early 30s. Rather then going through the same road the extinct two legged people with pensions, isa, etc going through for the greed of interest. I used to be here when cgnao and pluto were here and their advice was taken very seriously and instantly acted upon it. I was 97% all in within 4 months. I can also prove to you that I used to be in the early kitco forums where i used to spam their only first page (without any mods, hehehe) long
  8. I guess i will stick around for a bit longer to correct you and correct other lost and bitter souls that missed the one of the greatest bull markets. :-)
  9. It does not bother me that much as a whole house and the kitchen sink gone into physical bullion since mid 2005. Was not looking for profits as such but more so to get back as my last employer lol. Already sitting on 3.5x profits in paper. The smart money was invested long time ago. I have all the time now to liesten to your constructive ranting as i am fully retired from the rat race all thanks to gold :-)
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