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  1. No we are not. We are in the European Union, not the Eurozone. Eurozone: A geographic and economic region that consists of all the European Union countries that have fully incorporated the euro as their national currency.
  2. Ah yes, Bruce. Don't like what I say so try to discredit what I say. STR fund, better renting, etc etc etc. I don't believe what you assert either but I let you have your say. I have been around this forum since 2005 ish. I remember proper posters, CGNAO is the one that I remember most but I don't remember you from back then. I came back to the forum a couple of years ago to lurk but I guess me not registering renders my views pointless. You can try and discredit my views if it makes you feel better but that won't keep you warm at night. Buy a hard assets or not, what you do makes no differ
  3. Sorry but I think you are 100% wrong. Even if it all goes wrong, the precedent has been set. A bail out will follow, severe austerity will be imposed we will print and keep sterling low. Inflation is happening and will continue to happen. It's too late for savers, savers are toast. Buy what you can of hard assets. Cash is getting trashed and will continue to do so. Why? Raising interest rates is going to obliterate banks and the tax payer. There is no other way other than inflation.
  4. Wow. This kind of talk sounds and awful lot like the "sheep les" view of housing! It's a ponzi, good luck to ya.
  5. I agree with the notion of needing a protest party but Mark Thomas is a tit. Met him once, unable to take an objective view and surrounded himself with a bunch of kids who were too "right on" and starstruck to challenge his views. He felt he was a moral crusader who was right about everything. I thought he was a hypocrit London based leftie without any appreciation of the freedoms and riches (yes riches, ask him where his house is and how much he earns - I did and he didn't like pointing out it was more central and higher earnings that most of the people he was slagging off) that he enjoys, cl
  6. Mate of mine in Kilburn (West West Hampstead) bought a very small 2 bed (1.25 beds in reality) flat. Quite nice, if small, with garden for £330k 2 years ago. I thought he was nuts then. Got married, kid on way so decided to put on market. Just turned down an offer of £420k. London is barking mad.
  7. A few, she got a bit weird though, banging on about a "beautiful love story". Odd but happy days.
  8. Agreed. We have been trying for months to negotiate terms with a French outfit. Lazy and greedy, I dont want to give particulars as the numbers would make it obvious if any of them are HPC'ers. But, they want everything for nothing. They also wanted to keep their profits out of France as "dodging tax is a national past time". Strangely, though, on a personal level, I have never met a French person that I didnt like. Always found them to be very different from the stereotype. I particularly liked the French exchange student.
  9. Apologies if my statement wasnt clear. I think inflation is very relevant for where we are as it is the only way that the global economy will escape the excesses without collapse of the financial system. My comment about yours being irrelevant was that it matters not that the USD is worth less than it was as there are more in the system and the vast majority of people are much better off now than they were 99 years ago. I dont have an illusion of greater wealth. I have the ability to purchase more things, access to more experiences and can see more places than my ancestors could ever have don
  10. I can accept the statment that money isnt everything. But most people can live a healthy, clean and safe life without the need for debt. For the vast majority in this country, there no NEED to take on debt to live a safe life. Many on this forum laud the benefits of renting (I assume the debt requirement is related to buying a house) which requires no need for huge debt.
  11. I suspect the wealth of people even today is overall higher than 15 to 20 years ago.
  12. The amount of numbers is irrelevant. Its how many "things" you can obtain or do with those numbers. I am positive that most people can obtain more "things" than 99 years ago. Your oil comment is gibberish.
  13. I didnt say hyperinflation. The value of the dollar is irrelevant to what it was, people earn more than 99 years ago.
  14. Yes, you were wrong. The only peaceful way out of this is inflation, it has always been the only game in town. I am just annoyed that I didnt foresee the obvious writing on the wall and held off buynig a home (yes, the word home was deliberate) from 2001 until 2012. I would have been done and all paid up by now at 35. Now I am significantly behind my peers, despite almost always earning more than most. If the answer is not inflation, individuals then banks then countries will go bust. Then war for the big reset and not just a tiddler, Iran is a sideshow. It would HAVE to be China. For what
  15. Nonsense. 13tn is a vast amount of money, nearly 10 years of the total UK GDP. Just like UK shale gas will open up a fresh era of self supporting gas production.
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