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  1. I better get an 125% mortgage from NR for a house real soon. Default on it real quick and find no bank can repossess the house!
  2. I hope the tax inspector starts a tax inquiry on her, she has a lots to answer for: btl rentals, capital gain tax, ir35..
  3. Blimey! once every 2 weeks, the smells of those food wastes must be awesome in this hot weather.
  4. The BBC should allows 'Have your say' on this article - not just allowing her to have PR advantage, on the back of BBC, over the creditors. The B?ggar is naming and shaming those creditors not favourable to her.
  5. Well, basically she is using the BBC to give her more negotiating power with her banks.
  6. It is a risk she has taken. She could be ending doing very well or doing badly. The banks are not charity..
  7. Portman BS is currently doing an 5% 90days notice saving account. I R are Heading Up....
  8. Fiscal drag - when the threshold of a tax is not increased in line with inflation. I think this is the stealthest of taxes. Not too long ago, the top rate tax band (40%) and inheritance tax are in the domains of top earners and well off. Thanks to Fiscal drag, top rate tax and inheritance tax (what is the price of a house in London?) has now reached middle england.
  9. Martello, if you become a politician, I will vote for you.
  10. RPI = 3.4% Great! My wife works for the NHS and her pay raise for next year is 3.3% Effectively she is having a pay cut. I get angry that an 2 wages family is now not a matter of choice - as it was in the past - but of necessity, in order to make ends meet.
  11. it says in the advert '..Our clients are offering 5% deposit and 3% deposit paid...' what does that means. Is it -5% discount already without even asking!!!
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