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  1. I could buy her a mop and wipes, but nothing cleans the floor as a bucketful of water.
  2. Hi, Can anybody sent me in the right direction, pls? We have downstairs tenant who cleans communal area laminate floor by throwing a bucket of water and then squizzing water out of the hallway into the front garden. As a result we have raising damp, laminate floor needing replacement and the beans underneath most likely rotting. Her landlord doesn't care, the freeholder is absentee and citizen's advice is to go environmental health. I think I need to write a letter to her and her landlord and then as it will fall on the deaf ears, what should I do -afterwards or go to environmental health? Obviously, we spoke about it and I have 3 years of speaking and things are still being the same.
  3. Hi All, Thank you for your feedback - yes, I did choke on my flat coffee:)) Also today I have received 2 quotes for the same work (to supply my suit and tiles) for around £2 - £2.5k And yes you were right it was one of the biggish companies and a salesmen...
  4. Hi guys, I'm in the process of getting quote for the bathroom to be refitted. The job includes rip the current suite and fit a new one (toilet, sink staying where they are, bath gets taps in the middle rather than the end, high pressure shower), stud wall fitted, old tiles removed and the bathroom half tiled half plastered, floor levelled and tiled), new chrome rail same location bathroom size is 1.8 by 2.2. Cost - 8300 (with tiles worth £750) I do not have a breakdown and I just wonder am I taken for a ride or is this the correct price? (new suite & fitting included)
  5. Yes, it maybe not the right enough reasons, but things do look slightly different when you look at renting and the place you need will be half more if not more than the mortgage...
  6. it's a conversion and the maintenance costs are to be shared between lower and upper floor maisonettes. There are no service charges, I'd love not to but the prices going mental and i'm just tired of going to any more viewings rent or buy. And the place is convenient for the commute and will be ok for 7-10 years even if we have another baby on the way...
  7. Thank you. Looking into the list of the engineers:)
  8. The property was let, and somehow I was under the impression that it is illegal to temper with the boiler. I was mistaken:) Can you advise on the point of the maintenance if at all please?
  9. To be honest, the boiler isn't the biggest expense , but it does add to the list, I just feel we have been lied to and that's it.
  10. Hi guys, I'm in the process of buying a leasehold flat. The property is in really bad condition and requires quite a few things done. According to the lease, the maintenance of the shared parts lies between ground floor tenant and upper floor tenant. So far the things to be done are roof repair, repointing of the front wall due to the vegetation, and shared entrance door to the property. The flat downstairs is being rented out and its owner is apparently registered in the same address. My question is as the roof needs to be fixed asap due to penetration damp, if we are unable to contact the owner of the downstairs flat to arrange repairs asap, and carry out the repairs ourselves - do we stand a chance to recoup the money? Also, it seems there is an issue with the boiler, our solicitor, *sigh*, had nothing better than to contact the seller without letting us know that the seller cannot provide the corgi certificate or gas safety certificate and obtained an indemnity policy on our behalf:)) When we found out we ask for the money off but due to buoyant London market, we received a no. So, if when we get a service done on the boiler; if the boiler had been tampered with illegally - is there any chance we could sue the seller? Thank you
  11. They cannot ... - make all benefits stop at 2 kids, will lead to the decrease in population. Moreover, what people do when they have nothing to do or cannot afford to go out?)
  12. I have one already:), got my wipes before and they are gone - though I bought 1400 and we are 4 months old:) I thought I wouldn't spend much - cue an expensive pump, sterelisor, swimming nappies ... I'm afraid to think...
  13. Well, zone 1 or not, I do not remember it being very nice. There should be mixed housing - luxury, council, affordable and it's time if you buy a property and do not live in it you pay % of property value Nah, what I am talking about - Osborne & Co can't allow this to happen
  14. Build more houses!!! And stop paying for having more than 2 children, whatever the income.
  15. Indeed, and the new flats they build in London are being advertized in Hong Kong - whom are they building them for?
  16. i'll happily live in the flat if it is spacious and has a balcony, and if it is affordable:) bring it on:)
  17. either you need to be earning 60k or your wife need to go back to work, although with your salary working as an indication of her income - it would make no financial sense for you to do it. Welcome to generation rent....
  18. try looking for a child and pet friendly tenancy in London:) on the serious note, why are you moving out? have you received a notice? not, stay put. Yes, it is awkward but the person who made it awkward is your landlord, not you - try to be less british about and never ever again - use your initiative apart from being crystal clear - drain not working, property is uninhibitable, no rent is coming until fixed if no response is forthcoming good luck
  19. Threaten to take him to a small claim court and next time never use your initiative
  20. Agree with porch miseria - it's fine now, but what is your plan if you'll have a baby?
  21. Their master bedroom is bigger than my rented one bedroom flat, coincidently my landlord calls it a two bedroom and charges me in excess of one grand:( Bedroom is so small, we can only have a moses basket, even travel cot would not fit:(
  22. I'm buying an overpriced property because, I have a baby and tired of living in a s**** place, where I trip over poorly fitted carpets everyday and I cannot imagine my baby learning to crawl on them. At least in my own place I can have pictures, good carpets etc - if I am lucky I would only make a loss of 50k...
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