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  1. Westfield charge around £5 an hour to park yet people go there and in Orford Road, Walthamstow business is flourishing where motor vehicles have been banned outright. Councils have a tough job keeping streets clean when the citizens spit, drop cig ends, gum and litter everywhere Not everything is dependent on the car, in fact if the lazy British didn't rely on the car they'd have about £5k more in disposible income. It's because the economy is ******ed and people are ******ed. People only visit out of town retail parks for shopping these days. If you want a coffee or to put a fiver on the nags, you go to the "council bricks and mortar" High Street.
  2. Only the other day I was considering making this type of thing myself. Good to see, and will be emailing the devs the ideas I never pressed on with.
  3. McDonnell speaking about house building and SDLT on BBC Breakfast: WE wouldn't just be able to make them settle, "we may even be able to reduce house prices". Methods flawed but promising language
  4. Voted no. I am a firm believer in the betting markets showing true probability and from memory they have been pretty accurate since I've been tracking the interest rate markets. So I should vote yes, right? I (just) voted no because I've read all the talk before.
  5. Didn't bother asking anyone "are house prices too high" then.
  6. Betting markets still predicting 0.5% but I have no idea what he means by "relatively" short term, other than "once I've left"
  7. Yeah I am slowly taking everything out of p2p. I can see p2p being very viable in the future, and has been in the past. Concerning right now though.
  8. Incidentally, betfair exchange is currently running at odds-on that the next MPC decision will be a rate rise. Not that that signals much of course, but last time I looked it was 1.03 for no change. Brexit was around 1.10 though so take it all with a pinch of salt.
  9. That graphic feels like we* are being buttered up for some sort of LVT. Is it just me or does the article give the impression that it wants its readers to feel envious of those benefitting from public spending?
  10. Sorry what? Hot young staff? Time for be to become a vegan.
  11. Wonder if he realises that a lot of renters are now familiar with the tenant deposit scheme, and the potential to actually get a decent chunk of money out of the landlord. Lower deposit, higher rent. Smaller penalty for not protecting?
  12. I'm looking at the best rated comments and none of them seem to like this, or the thought of an HPC?
  13. I appreciate that kids and spouse may have had an effect but why not do like everyone else and go to the pub while things calmed down? People and taverns are literally the two things that make London worth it. Went for a few beers AND got a seat tonight!
  14. Not worth ruining friendships over this. Just like Brexit, Benefits, Cycling, Religion and other divisive topics, keep it on here. In the last year, most of my friends have FTbought. I don't agree with it and selfishly I need them to get burned so that I don't. But I'm not going to get into a discussion about it because what good is it going to do? I'm sure as shit not going to brag if prices do take a hit, although maybe I'm lucky in that my best friends don't really talk about prices which is refreshing. At best, you'll work yourself up trying to reason with someone whose beliefs are different to yours (and in fairness, more correct given how things have played out). At worse, you'll lose a mate.
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