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  1. Found it hilarious when the stooge from the BBC said 'put their factory in Britain', and used that as a scare story as to why we can't leave the EU. He seemed to forget that every policy adopted in the last 30 years has encouraged factories to be shut down and then rebuilt anywhere other than Britain.
  2. I will vote for them but I dont expect them to save us. Some of the stuff Farage says scares me but I hope he is just trying to be a little more mainstream so he has a chance. Swapping free movement within the EU with free movement within the commonwealth is going to be even worse. He goes on about how we have better ties with the Commonwealth so it makes me wonder. Personally if the EU was just Scandinavia, Germany and other western EU countries, and run for the benefit of the people living there, I doubt anyone would have much of a problem
  3. I know people will bring up anecdotes like this to try to keep up the image/propaganda that everything here is outrageously expensive, but it really isn't. My cost of living is ALOT less than when I lived in the UKPeople will say the cars have 200% tax or some rubbish - yes but you don't need a car, everyone cycles, the cycle paths are about 1.5m wide and on their own raised platform from the road and you even get rebates if you cycle to work. People will say the price of a pint of beer is outrageous - yes it is 46kr (not really more expensive than London) but you aren't buying Tuborg or Carl
  4. It isn't that bad, I have a better standard of living than what I did in London. A PhD student in engineering would earn about 32000DKK a month. Of that 17.1% is paid into a pension. So taxable amount is around 27200. Of that your take home pay will be about 17200. ******** about having to pay 60% in tax is exactly that, ********. Their welfare state is too high though, and seeing as the first thing the new government did was remove the restrictions on immigration that breached 'human rights' I really do expect to follow the same path as the UK
  5. I live in Denmark. I think Denmark has the same problems as the UK, except they are a lot less. I liken it to the UK 30 years ago maybe socially. I believe Denmark will go down the same road as the UK though. Right now there is still a sense of community and national identity here I feel more free than I ever did in London - I don't get searched or have to walk through a metal detector when I go into a bar, there is noone telling me not to take my drink outside, if you get up and dance on the table there is no bouncer coming to throw you out. In the time I have been here I have not once fe
  6. Because the Government is full of spineless crybabies, and half of them are in on it all anyway and actively encourage it
  7. Future energy generation will no longer come from mass centralised power plants. It will be distributed, with many many sources. Electricity will need to be stored - electric vehicles can help store electricity when the wind is blowing too strong. Things have to change whether people like it or not. The era of cheap energy is over, and hence the era of 'growth' is too.
  8. Offshore wind farms are actually getting the level of maturity and scale that they will be able to compete with gas production. However the biggest problem facing renewable energy at the moment is retarded installers and developers - who take perfectly good technology and place them in awful places. Essentially they are just conning the landowner. Renewable energy DOES need some subsidies in the current way energy is controlled by private companies - they simple will not invest in something that does exactly the same thing as Oil but worse. Renewable energy is NOT a new technology, it is si
  9. and London will like Detroit become a dirty violent shitholeIt already is you could say. The riots of August 2011 convinced a lot of people that it is over and to leave, one of them being me. While it obviously isnt *that* bad every day, it provided a window for everyone else to what London is truly like now. No community whatsoever. The removal of the elephant in the room will be ignored however and what has happened is that they will just try to give the elephant more apples to eat so it doesnt trample the chairs and tables again inside the room (but of course it will do once it grows too bi
  10. Maybe China will bail out Europe and take it over. Sure it won't be nice, but at least they won't give a ****** about the Islamification threat, they will just exterminate it. They probably hold the English in high regard like Hitler did (after all the Chinese government is the probably closest thing resembling National Socialism today) so maybe we will be OK if it happens soon enough.
  11. 2025 seems a bit pessimistic even for me, but by then we will be well on our way.In fact it could be true, certainly I expect London to be less than 20% white British by then considering that is what it already is in the school age demographic. I think it is less than 50% white-British everywhere but one or two outer London boroughs. Nothing will be done however.
  12. One day shale gas will run out too you know.Yes, onshore wind turbines are largely not very good. But one day an alternative has to be found. One day we will have to face the consequences of having generation after generation without a backbone to confront problems instead of finding ways to kick the can down the road.
  13. And incase you were wondering - I used the 500k figure because that is the number of people arriving here each year, and those are the ones we record.
  14. I absolutely despair when I read about people wanting completely free immigration everywhere. They are either deluded, or aren't yet affected by the consequences, or better still usually look down on the people who are affected most by the mass uncontrolled mess we import. The immigration policy should LITERALLY be something along the lines of only allowing people with PhDs, Professors, Chartered Engineers, Scientists or Doctors to have a right to immigrate here, or where there actually are jobs that are difficult to find a British person to fill - I suppose one requiring 3 or 4 languages is
  15. What is more concerning still is that the figure for children is more like 17 or 18% white British (yes these are Department of Education stats). Nothing will be done though, as the solution requires a backbone. And although a few politicians like Miliband and Cameron acted 'outraged' over the UKIP adoption fiasco, their real political views are more likely much more in line with the actions taken by Rotherham council
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