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  1. Come on, 6% as a starter for this month, really put that firework up the debt junkies' backsides. 🤞 Edit. Oops, didn't realise it was almost 1. On hold at 0.1% again. The feckless live another day, for now. Bank of England warns energy price surge will push inflation over 4% https://www.theguardian.com/business/live/2021/sep/23/uk-cost-of-living-energy-households-families-bank-of-england-interest-rates-ftse-pound-business-live 🙄
  2. It's amazing how evil those on the sharing caring woke left actually are. Edit: If Trudeau and Ardern were British, they'd definitely be Remainers.
  3. Boss claims ‘lazy and spoilt’ work-from-homers just want to ‘watch Loose Women’ https://metro.co.uk/2021/09/21/boss-claims-lazy-work-from-homers-just-want-to-watch-loose-women-15293455/ I must admit I was enraged when Rick Stein got moved from 3pm to 5pm on Dave. I don't want to have to watch TV in my own time. We're starting to make our first tentative steps back into the office next week now at my place. I've booked my seat for the week for Monday, and then took Monday off as I really didn't fancy going in. One day a week from 4 October then, for now. I might choose 2 days a week after that as I do quite like the lunches, but some are not coming in at all (health concerns I understand). I know a few asswipes who'll be there every day, but they are in a tiny minority. Reading the article again, he runs a recruitment company too. Worse leeches than EAs!
  4. Barclays are pretty chilled about it. https://www.ft.com/content/d7936349-9362-4e34-8905-83fcd6aaf003
  5. I would not swap a peaceful and stress-free Saturday and Sunday morning for anything else.
  6. Double digit % IRs? Need to reign in those feckless debtors at some point. Just in case they don't, I'm turning some premium bonds into small shiny yellow physical coins and online cryptographic coins this week.
  7. I'll just have to console myself with my friends, family, hobbies, money and freedom in my old age 😞
  8. https://www.economist.com/china/2021/09/18/protesters-in-china-besiege-an-indebted-property-developer I like the photo of the "Excellence Centre". Also, looks like ordinary people are going to get stiffed more than Big Co:
  9. A small step to: Live in the pod, eat the bugs, own nothing. No thank you!
  10. I'm not in that form of work and so my clearance is non-existent. I'm barely trusted to handle info that is classified at 'G' level, or gossip in the office. However, well done on the trust placed in you by the government in your role though, you are proud of that and rightfully so IMO. There are some quite probing interviews from what I hear. I take it from the below that your knowledge, rated S or TS at the very minimum and unavailable to the general public right now, means it's not a good deal for the UK then? Or are you not allowed to say? 😉 Only looking to broaden my knowledge of course. As they say, one's mind should change when the available information changes. If that information is currently top secret, you'll forgive anyone for changing their mind given that new info 😉 Or maybe there is no new info, that is a strong possibility 😉
  11. It's a good rule of thumb I've found. If your enemies, that are legion in number, are all independently trying to push you in one direction, then the other direction might be preferable to your well being. You speak about decision making strategy. I am a mere observer with no input or effect on anything to do with this decision, or how it plays out. If I'm wrong, and France's submarines would have been the best option, then I shall remember that the next time I need that information.
  12. China, Russia, and Remainers are not impressed with it. While nothing's certain in life, that is enough for me to take initial comfort from the gnashing. If we are 'giving away' this technology for nothing, and China, Russia, and Remainers don't like it, I think we're doing the right thing. Not that I believe it is ultimately 'for nothing'.
  13. That needs to ramp up a bit. Having our population bloated by an extra 10% is causing us health concerns, and the only way we can lose the excess fat is to get rid of more than we store. 200k is simply us simply declining a mid-evening chocolate bar.
  14. Are you DV or eDV cleared? (In this country that is) That might be why you can't see the particular details.
  15. Small correction to that. The roaming charges are an additional cost of Brexit that would not be borne if we were in the EU, and are directy attributable to us being outside the EU. But if that's the cost of freedom, bring it on! £15 extra for a fortnight holiday is nothing. Back in my Ibiza days, mid to late 90s, it was a tenner a pint in the larger clubs.
  16. If it was as bad for Britain as you say the left would love it. As the left seem to not enjoy this news, I am taking that as a good deal for the UK. Unfortunately it is as simple as that rule because the Remainer left hate Britain. I have 6,195 pages of evidence for starters if you'd like
  17. They hate the UK. Anything which is seen to be of benefit to the UK is bad news, anything bad that happens is gleefully jumped on. Like three pages of nashing and cheering when there was a £15 extra charge for Vodafone customers going on holiday to a small section of the world, that kind of thing.
  18. The social media is in meltdown about this submarine agreement. When the "<insert city> for Europe" FB Group is sharing cartoons about it, you know the world has done the right thing. Remainers are almost as angry about it as China
  19. Caught the last part of an interview on BBC News a second ago where they were reporting the 'pausing' of planning reforms. Some VI was banging on about community led planning, which is a not too subtle code for not in my backyard.
  20. Not even upper quartile and they needed centuries, the efforts of several countries, and scores of leaders to get to that score. The Communists lead the way in the efficient extermination of their own and even ignoring the deaths it's easy to despise them as their belief system is simply fundamentally evil. Better Dead than Red!
  21. My rules include such things as controlled immigration is good, uncontrolled immigration is bad. Banana throwing is bad, actual goal scoring is good, please God score, the lack of scoring was our problem..... Taking the knee should be punished with banishment to China or Russia (see my pic above this reply).
  22. Commies are very good at certain measures on the balanced scorecard. China leads the way, substantially.
  23. Most workers do not expect full-time office return, survey says https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-58559179 Great news, my boss is a worker and 'Senior Business Leader' and I do hope he's on my side. Still up in the air on when and how we will be returning. Word on the street is we'll find out next month, and the news apparently is good (ie. mostly about freedom and personal choices).
  24. Another Remainer canard gaslighting the country, once again 🙄 How a concern for excess and unlimited immigration has morphed into "hates all foreigners" is amazing to behold. It is a bit too obvious though, propaganda needs to have some subtlety. Luckily, the internet is full of gobby alpha-wannabes who's extreme black and white views cannot do subtle. Therefore obvious propaganda is obvious. I will say well done Emma, you've done your country - Britain - proud, and I am also pleased that over a million EUers (at least) have returned to their countries as a result of Brexit and Covid this year. Yes, I've just said both of those things, seriously, in the same sentence
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