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  1. Good evening all Just had a conversation wifth our neighbour about a property he thinks me and the misses might be interested in. He later mentioned the EA had informed the seller that there's a rush to sell property at the mo because there's a "new tax" comin in this year that will have an effect on house sales, or in other words will slow things down. Obviously my first question was "are you on about the inertest rate possibly going up tomorrow?" He repplied "NO". This is definately news to me. I was just wondering if anyone else had heard this too? Cheers Jason
  2. Me and the misses have a combined income of 35K plus, which for the area is bloody good. I've tried some of the online mortgage claculators again and they're offering us less than 6 months ago. Anyone else experirenced this?
  3. As the topic say, when's Merv and the boys' meeting again to discuss the next move on IRs' ?
  4. My MD Was saying that he's heard the interest rate is to go up by 1/2 %. I'm in shock! Has anyone else heard this? Cheers Jason
  5. I had to chuckle last week when I saw the "one off" episode of Cracker. In a candid moment in the middle of the episode he was politely reninded by his good wife that they could not afford to live in the UK because it is too expensive. In reply to this their "Bullish" Son in Law boasted about his property making 20K a year over the pasy 5 years! I know it's only fiction but it is very typical of the times we live in. Nice to see ITV taking an open minded approach to the housing knightmare that is HPI.
  6. Yeah. My Mothers mate was told them same. EA said realistically they only had 4 weeks left to sell. You can forget November/December because of Christmas. Advised them to take it off the market until January otherwise it could have an effect on the selling price.
  7. Just out of interest how many people on HPC think that Immigration could be a key factor in causing so many of us to be out priced from the housing market?
  8. Totally agree with you Sam. I often wish Adolf Hitler had won the war and that is sayin' something! All those WWII soldiers who gave their lives for a "Chav" society. What a waste.
  9. Anyone know how much that house is that sits right in the middle of the M62?
  10. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-775...=1&tr_t=buy
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