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  1. It was much deeper than that, dirty washing washed privately.
  2. Be careful Charlie I would hazard a guess you are top of their hit list.
  3. A very Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year to you all from Missouri USA.
  4. I`m afraid it`s not, compared with today the 1970s were a walk in the park and for me and many others were a very, very, very profitable time. Oh how I would like to go back.
  5. Hi GOMR, Never trust anyone with your money who can`t spell, a lesson learnt from years of experience.
  6. You can laugh, wait until you see Jane and I doing a joint advert on the Telly. My frown lines have nearly gone thanks to the £15 cream from L`Oreal.
  7. Ferret


    I bought this ID for a fiver from someone who is having a hard time. They were robbed by GB and the MPC of a large part of their monthly income. This money was given to the debtors to spend to help the economy. Their time is now spent outside Marble Arch Tube Station begging with a little dog. The placard reads Please help, GB and the MPC have stolen my money, destitute and hungry. When you pass show some compassion and kindness by popping a fiver into the hat. No, I am no who you think I am, the last I heard that person was enjoying the high life in Barbados. PS. The mods should be able to check I am not who you and they have suspected who I am.
  8. Ferret


    This will confuse the Undercover Team, assistance from the FBI, the Special Branch, the CIA, and the French Mob will have to be called upon to sort this one out. To think the old and passed their sell by dates are extinct, never, they are more alive and kicking, their experience of life can never be blown out, I salute them as through this downturn they survive even stronger. GSTQ. Keep working hard Lads, you may but unlikely win through. The Pros have left the building for good.
  9. Ferret


    I just would like to wish the very best for the future to all the old and forgotten posters and Forum Friends I have had the privilege to know. You should know who you are. To those a*******s who have ruined this Forum may your future reward you for what you are. False, Unscrupolous, Prophets of doubful means, me, me , me types, and brains installed in your a***s. Happy Christmas, and if deserved a Happy and Properous New Year.
  10. Come on..who are you?

  11. Ferret


    Did you know 4 so called Investment Experts on this Forum, 2 STRd in 2002, and 2 others in 2004, and they are feted as heroes on this Forum as they give out Investment Advice today. Oh well, I myself at present am getting very pleasurable results in all I do. Where are these SM wizards, their noise is deafening, you know who you are, came back spouting your so called knowledge on the markets, up, and up,they said, and since the massive downturn in the SMs have gone missing. 2bobBubb has gone very quite here all of a sudden, together with Van and Sledgehead regarding the SMs, the only straight and honest poster on this subject FreeTrader tends to be ignored. From this point I bid you all a final farewell as I join my Mentor in Cyberspace and leave it to all those laughable posters. One final word of warning. DON`T TOUCH GOLD.
  12. Credit Action October 2008, still many surprises Now borrowing £1 million every 8.5 minutes, one year ago it was £1 million every 4 minutes.
  13. I can`t believe how stupid you are, do you live on another Planet?
  14. If ONE PENNY of Saver`s money in any High Street Bank is lost, then prepare yourself for a Mad Max situation. No worries it ain`t going to happen. Did you carry out a survey to get this result, as myself and many Baby Boomers I know do not fall into this category.
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