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  1. i think I had voted UKIP but I remember at the time I was glad that The Conservatives had got in instead of Labour- I think I was quite close to voting Conservative thinking that possibly my kind of work could start paying more than being on benefits- Turns out that I should have known better and the money is just trickling up to the the rich. As you said - NEVER AGAIN WILL I SUPPORT EVEN THE IDEA OF THE CONSERVATIVES GETTING INTO POWER.
  2. Thia policy would also put a massive strain on the Job Centre staff......... I just can't see how it could possibly work.
  3. Is this policy actually for real? What I mean is doesn't something like this actually have to be voted on to actually be implemented? Or has that already happened?
  4. What happens if the Unemployed need to take a bus/drive to the 'place of work' this would really eat-in to the jobseekers allowance- Imagine a 4 day commute of perhaps a £3 bus fare- that would be £12 per week of extra expenses of a person that is likely to already be struggling.... £12 would be a a big deal to alot of people in this situation- malnutrition could become an issue.
  5. Do you think its a double bluff from the Conservatives? Maybe they think that they will not get power in the next election so they want to hand Labour a complete mess when/if they take over? I have no Idea.... perhaps the conservatives really are so dumb and learned nothing from the crash. With the Millipede I don't think that Labour is going to be a clear win next election???
  6. Don't get me started again talking about my mother who keeps saying that I have it much easier than she ever did. (Living in a house worth half a million(ish) while only working low paid jobs (wile also taking off 18 or so years to bring us up) I can't wait to get a low paid job so I can have what she has. Oh wait, I do have a low paid job....... now why can't I afford a massive house?
  7. Thats what I have said before on here, but as I remember nobody took much notice
  8. I think that a few of the worlds richest people read the book 1984, and thought it would be fun to turn it into reality.
  9. Help to buy = the tax that I pay is being used to try and make my prospect of buying a house even more un-affordable
  10. I had some jobs working in fields harvesting stuff when I was younger, there was always enough staff, the work was bloody tough going though but the money wasn't bad really.I have to admit though that quite a few of the workers were people claiming benefits- I recall a couple of police raids where workers would try and run away over the fields so they wouldnt get caught (difficult to run in wellies haha)- I had nothing to hide so other than losing 10 minutes of my time I was un-affected (piece rate) The locals only stopped doing the work when the large numbers of migrant workers came. It was all organised with the immigrants living on site (in caravans) and being charged rent out of their wages. Although not impossible it was much more difficult for locals to get their foot in the door, and you would be surrounded all day by people speaking a different language- this was enough to put most Local people off. I thought I'd say my piece on this subject because I'm one of the people that have actually done this type of work and have first hand experience of the situation (in my area anyway)
  11. I had assumed that the next general election was next year! i would definitely agree with your comment that they have started (or ramped up) the House price boom too soon!!!..... 2015 is a long way off and they might struggle to keep it going until then.
  12. I think that it was just a few days ago where released data on The Chinese economy was better than expected (I think it was export/output figures), off the back of that copper prices rose a few percent (copper apparently being the Global economy barometer). Personally I think its only a matter of time before more bad news comes out of China, with factors such as over investment in infastructure, property boom, rising wages (less competitive) aging demographic etc The only problem is that China is just as good at fiddling its figures as we are. Living in the UK we can all look around and see whats really happening e.g Inflation higher than official stats. In China we can only guess and try and make an informed decision on how things are from what we are told- so the situation might be far better or far worse than what we think.
  13. I have learned not to bring the subject up anymore with my dear old mother, for some reason she ends up getting even more wound up by the HPI conversation than I do- possibly because she can't admit when she is wrong about something. The fact is that I'm glad that they have done well for themselves so its not jealousy, just a fustration of failure to aknowledge or realise that things are so messed up and something is fundamentally wrong with the system.
  14. Both my parents were both low wage earners. My mother took 10 years off work to bring up myself and my sister. they bought their house without any inheritance or financial help and I estimate the value at being around £450,000 - they had accidentally bought in the housing slump of the 1980's and were careful with money which allowed them to get a deposit together. I have had a few conversations with my parents about the state of the the housing market, My father agrees that house prices and rent are ridiculous these days but my mother just replies we worked hard for everything we have got and that it was just as difficult in their day to get on the housing ladder. When I tried to make a comparison that a person in the equivalent job these days would struggle to even buy a studio flat in a poor area she just refuses to listen and mumbles something like as the young have no work ethic these days and that obviously they are not working hard enough as they did in her day. Everyone I know with lower paid jobs that have bought a house/flat without external help from relatives is working 55hrs per week minimum just to pay the mortgage and bills, and they could never dream of owning a house like my parents do. But still so many people in my parents generation just don't get it.
  15. Its pretty clear that there is going to be a double bubble now, but the more that the BBC try and ramp up prices the quicker the bubble will inflate and the quicker that it will pop. There is no escape for us HPC'ers in the short term from higher prices but 'The bigger the bubble the bubble, the bigger the POP!' Imagine if all this HPI money was going into actual industry- the country would end up so much better off. Double Bubble Toil and Trouble.
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