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  1. Speaking as an actuary, there aren't any "standard" assumptions. Everyone will have a different idea what is appropriate, there's no right or wrong answer unfortunately.
  2. I think so yes, although that was the main point of making the change, bigger jackpots = higher sales.
  3. The jackpot is now one in 45,000,000 since they increased the number of numbers to choose from last year.
  4. I think you give the house buying public far too much credit
  5. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anchoring
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-34537519 Northern Ireland's economy shrank slightly in the second quarter of 2015, according to official figures.
  7. It's the norm now. Look at a car ad, the price is in the small print (if at all), the headline figure is the monthly cost. Even that is generally false as it is a convoluted number using the absolute base model with a huge deposit and small lease term to make the monthly numbers seem reasonable (business users only).
  8. They'd already have done this but investing the contributions isn't possible as they're being used to pay current pensions, ponzi style.
  9. "Prices still well below 2007 peak". Clearly bubblemania prices is the new yardstick we'll be comparing everything to then....
  10. Sure the house will have doubled in value within 5 years to make it worthwhile.....isn't that how it works??
  11. As the balance between labour and capital continues to tip in favour of capital, working practices like this are only going to increase. Intervention by the government won't be able to stop this, short of a total reinvention of the capitalist manner of running an economy.
  12. Most people would like to retire young as you do. Few are prepared to do the work and make the sacrifices to make it possible. As you say the numbers aren't difficult - making it happen is the hard part.
  13. Absolutely it's obvious its unaffordable. Just nice to see it laid out so plainly in black and white. Still it's maths the standard BTLer would struggle with.
  14. Something as sensible and well researched as that would make the average BTLers head explode...
  15. If the investment didn't involve other people and was just risky I'd agree. But they're trying to get into this in the full knowledge that their planned early retirement would be funded by the hard work of other people paying their BTL mortgages for them.
  16. The whole article is symptomatic of the problems with housing in the UK. You'd think anyone who has just got a massive windfall from the purchase of discounted property from the government would be glad of it and just be happy at the lucky break they've had. Instead they're figuring out how they can leverage it up in housing to retire early at others expense. Scum is too nice a word for them.
  17. Says "Right to Buy" in the article? Sure you're not confusing the 2??
  18. I think it means that anyone who is a higher rate taxpayer will likely have to pay more tax on any rent they get from BTL. At the moment they can claim tax relief on any costs involved in owning the property (mainly mortgage interest but also things like upkeep, repairs, etc). At the moment if they get say £10k a year in rent but can claim that they have costs of £10k also then they will pay no tax. Under this system they will pay £4,000 in tax @ 40% but will only be able to claim £2,000 reflief @ 20%, leaving them with a £2,000 higher tax bill. If you're a basic rate taxpayer then I don't think this affects you. Someone with a large number of BTL (e.g. Wilsons) will presumably face a hefty tax bill from this as the rent they recieve alone would push them into the higher band. No expert on this and happy to be corrected by any more educated posters!
  19. Makes sense, I often take who my MP will be into account when making car purchasing decisions...
  20. It's more the fact that the prices at peak, which pretty much everyone agrees was a speculative bubble frenzy, are now being used as a benchmark against which we should aim for in the future....
  21. Property prices remain a cause for concern, the MPs said, adding that the warning from accountancy firm PwC that it could take another decade for prices to return to pre-crash levels made for sobering reading.
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