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  1. The sinking of Britain and UK property price slump…? I saw an article like this last week on the web. When I tried to access it again, it was gone (Server not found). Does anyone have any relevant information …?
  2. nop... It is actually the third one... I was thinking initially this forum is not an English exam area.
  3. Thank you guys. I am pleased seeing post on the Topic. As I am trying to estimate how much I can offer for a property I like, I mainly checking Zoopla estimates, and the sold price for similar in the area, to get any approximate figures. I am not quite sure how accurate the digits are, but I hope it is fine to go between 5-10% down the asking price, when for example the property is on the market for 200,000 and the average sold price for the post code is £170,000 - £187,000. The thing is how much I can rely on the online information. Anything could be put on it and could be a misguiding information, where you have only two options. 1. To miss a property you like making a bad offer. 2. To loose few grants more, because you did make offer for much more than the real local properties price. ...In both situation you loose Cheers
  4. I asked a simple question and I need a share of opinion, and i don't expect anyone to mock with with me in this forum. Obviously I'll find proper answer somewhere else. but thanks for the pints anyway You were brilliant .....
  5. Desperate in looking for a new home Have any of you guys got similar experience? Me and my wife we are looking for to buy a flat in Ealing, Hanwell or Brentford. Every time I am calling any agency, the property is just gone or it is under offer. It is been for more than a month, where I called different agents maybe for at least 10 properties. Every time is the same story. Any hints or trick how I need to approach? I am a first time buyer with 890% LTV Any advise will be much appreciated! Cheers Vin
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