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  1. Go On... You owe it to your children! or A Bond a day helps us work, rest and... or how about Buy a bond, What Goes Around, Comes Round (we hope). or BONDS. Shaken or Stirred? or Stiff Upper Lip, Chaps (Blair voiceover) Bite my Bullet and Buy a Bond Today!! or simply 'B'- day. (sorry) Hard Working Bondage for Hard Working Families.
  2. The market can stay irrational for longer than you can stay solvent. 2012: .........? 'I told you so' ?
  3. 'I think these sort of falls will occur. However using comparisons like the above do not really mean much IMO.' Not to you obviously. IMO you should and '99% of the pop' should have done something, or do something, about that sharpish.
  4. You're wrong Sibley. This is just the beginning. You can't expect this monumental crash to play out so quickly. This bounce has been engineered to carry Brown through the election if we make it that far. UK plc is on borrowed time. Unemployment will kill you. Interest rates rising will kill you. UK debt will kill you. I feel sorry for those swallowing the bounce. Theywill rue the day if they are taking on a mortgage debt now. YOU are an irresponsible little sqit probably leveraged to the hilt. I hope you lose it all when the SHTF. The powerhouse posters have left the country. They know it's over. And the rules didn't 'change' btw. They have been adulterated. Thus only a bigger crash can now proceed after the bounce and green shoots are seen to be what they really are. We are going down, the pound, the country and the stinking pack of lies which is our housing market. Sibley I hope you are around to defend your corner when the boot is on the other foot. You yellow bellies never are though. Just disappear into the dust and ashes of your fabricated lies. What motivates people like you?
  5. 'So what happens when all the Yen outflows flow back in? I'll leave that to Injin. ' Hyperinflation?
  6. I must say I am pretty lost by the whole situation now. As far as I can make out house prices will keep falling. Cash in the bank? God only knows. Will it still be there to buy a house in 2 years time? What a f***ing mess we have.
  7. Ok stupid question perhaps. But I still don't fully understand the implications of the country being bankrupt. Do all the savings just 'disappear'? Can anyone put me straight? I've lost the plot but dont want to lose my pot, if at all possible.
  8. Yes and only 4 odd % of people have over 50K. Won't be getting much sympathy for losing our str fund. You can see it now. 'You deserve it, you gambling busturds, just as bad as BTL etc etc'.
  9. What about saying that you feel you are not out of the woods yet as Brown has bankrupted the country and hyperinflation is fast on its way, 'which will wipe us ALL out...at least you have your house to live in, I on the other hand could lose my hard earned savings/str fund and have no place to live'...etc. This is the scenario I am most worried about. In any other circumstances I would stay rented and cash tucked away. But these recent events are un precedented and frightening. It's the worst and best reason to buy right now. Get as good a bargain as poss. There are some good discounts now. Not the full whack admittedly. But security. Either way this is no time to be testing out your hubris. Are we all flying too close to the sun? Remember the market/country can remain irrational for longer than you can stay solvent. Ask any banker. Where oh where are we heading? I'd hate to be without a home AND without my homefund. 'Merry Christmas everyone', then leave the room.
  10. Hi HPC Lifesavers. Need some help again. I am renting. Cash all in NSandI. Potential cash buyer. Found a beautiful property. Offer finally accepted at 15% off. Knowing falls are going to continue but equally worried about the UK doing an 'Iceland', going Kaput and losing my savings, having no asset and being throughly miserable. So with a wave of my cash goodbye I could buy my perfect house and lose the worry of the damn country being insolvent. Or I could just stick and hope everything is ok with the banks, deflation/inflation/recession/depression/cripes alive whatever! This sounds patronising but I wish I was a simple FTB looking for a mortgage. Then I would never think of buying now (couldnT afford it). But now I've got the value of my last home wrapped up in NSandI (yes I know the least risky but still...) and feel I could lose it all in a Brown puff of smoke. Is anybody else worried? Or am I a losing it/lost it worrit?? Any advice out there? Jake.
  11. Very interesting gfromls. How did I miss that one?? So what did you decide to do?
  12. Can you link me to the thread? Are you looking for big family houses? I fear the bigger reductions are all on the crappier places at the mo. Or those which are around the 1mill plus. 250K off here and there and they are just the same to me-1million pound unaffordable mansions. (only looking to see how much they are coming down).
  13. Yes ttrir. If the government plan doesn't work or can' save the banks and the banks go broke that presumably means my money for a house has gone with the banks (NS+I-is it a bank even?)
  14. Thanks to everyone for all the encouraging replies. What's another year or so anyway? It's also nice to know you're not the only one in the boat going around seemingly rudderless. But what do all of you think of the 'systemic banking collapse' end of the world scenarios? Does one just ignore, kick back and chill out? Anymore replies or opinions, just keep em coming. Jake
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