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  1. @octopus, you isn't too world is it? I think there are very very few cultures in the world that are truly "hostile" as you so call it. Most human beings do not like being hostile to each other and thus like to form non-hostile societys at least at the community level. What hostile culture you is on about, you isn't talking about muslims are you?
  2. when I read that story I want to cry, not sadness but tears of anger. that is just about everything which tells us how fcked we is as a country. I just get my head around the jaw drop sense of entitlement here, ok she had bad times and somebpdy fcked up somewhere, but all around the world bigger injustice happens every second. what is stuck up her ar$e so much that she thinks she deserves we pay her £20m, please somebody tell me now before I put a hole in this wall here with me fist. £20m could literally save about 1000 people's lives. ok I made that figure up but you understand me don't you?!? And the other thing which is making me ears steam is that she is a highly qualified physics post-grad, why oh why the fck is this country so messed that it would encourage somebody like that to enter the friggin FINANCIAL industry. please
  3. @aa3, sometimes I actuallyy thnk that people are confused about democracy. what tthey really like about living in democratic societies is not the democracy itself but the "rule of law" that often accompanies. now if you have a fair and just rule of law without democracy, I think people will be just as happy.
  4. please can I have some of what you lot are on here. there is absolutely nothing positive about the housing bubble, its the fcking cancerous tumour on society.
  5. like I said it before, we find ourselves in a screwed/screwed situation. those of us with a bit of cash ready to buy when the hpc comes might get shafted if they keep their foot on interest rates neck. the cash pile in the bank is going weimar. there is an inflexion point as always. there are two pains you have, one is pain of waiting for hpc, the other pain is pain of regret if after you buy the hpc then comes. you buy when the first pain gets to conquer the second.
  6. I know its bad, but I think peeps think that change is all about voting for the opposition party at the next election. peeps don't know or are thick to realise it that it don't really matter, the main parties policies are about the same when we talk about policies that really matter. also, people are too selfish I notice in general. when I is about and out on the public transport I see all sorts of evidences that tell me that peple are fcking selfish. on of my big gripe is that people dont give sh1t about moving down the carriage to let people on the train. just small example you say but it all adds up to paint picture of nations psyche. we can't really pick at mp's morals because I truly believe as a nation we is morally bankrupt. strong words you say eh, eh we have come to the point that the average man thinks of himself first then his iphone then his brother standing next to him who is hurt. how did this happen, many ways you might say, can blame it on capitalists, banks, Thatcher, politics, but nah I don't think that it is these externalities. it all begins deep in the home, from youth. we have disenfranchised the family unit starting I believe in the 1960's. this is when sex morals start getting debased with free casual sex and hippy movement with drugs and anti-establishmentarism. we are now two generations on from this decade (25+25 years). sexual liberty destroys civilised society due to specific reasons. I recommend you read J.D. Unwin's book called Sex and Culture. It is probably most important scientific book since Origin of Species, but it is out of print because its findings aren't politically correct. that many if not all civilisations start to decay once feminine sexual promiscuity goes unrepressed. ha ha bet lots of you goinfg to disagree on this thesis darn I rambled on a bit, getting back on topic now. I just think we are screwed cos nobody gives a sh1t any more and is apathetic to it all. it was all a done deal from about 1960's. we just look forward to our new place in the world now, no longer world power and we are racing headlong into oblivion.
  7. @wonderpup, its clear to me you is a clever bloke. I just wanted to say some things. China is not a free market nor is it 100% capitalistic. there is heavy state control in many areas, especially investment intensive industry like oil and also banks. I suppose best comparison of similar size was soviet union. they was unlucky, if they had lasted just a decade more, they might have benefited from globalisation and new technologies. Internet and widespread TV is great for propaganda if controlled properly. I don't ever before has there been such great number of people exposed to the same propaganda machine. now if things turn snafu as far as economy goes, the ccp have a few aces left, mainly appeal to external enemy and nationalism. so far no sign of collapse, they know US and Europe markets fading so now they developing Latin America and Africa, S.E. Asia first providing infrastructure support, then flooding them with cheap goods. it will take a long time to max that lot out. anyways, the communist said I believe that they need to maintain sole power until 2049/50 when they will then step aside if necessary. this gave them 100 years to establish their vision of perfect classless society, something I think we here in UK just about achieved (nope, don't mention income inequalities, I said classless). When they achieve this classless state ideal, their economy I predict will be 20 times bigger than the UK economy will be then and 5 times bigger than USA, allother things being equal , demographics trumps all (nope, no need to mention one child policy, that can be changed at the stroke of a pen).
  8. @wonderpup, if the communists screw up, then the people will have to go for revolution, the same way each dynasty has ended in history. no two ways about it. the mandate of heaven has to be won in battle. look, I'm no politicist, I just use my common sense. If you have a person or group of people who have certain attributes=> nationalistic, they put own country, people, organisations first. If foreign powers can help then we can be friends, others fck u; pragmatic, if things screw up, don't be too scared to change path and do painful things (eg u got deficit, sort it the fck out, not pussy foot); technocratic, basically if if gubmint knows nothing about venture, get some specialists in to make policy options, not peeps who know not the first fcking thing about it; humanistic, put people (your own people that is) first, not the bottom line of corporations, unless that helps the former; strategic, first law of positive self help books, have a written long term goal and follow it. China have 5 year plan, we have 5 year bailout friggin qe disaster; honest, don't lie to the people to cover up incompetency, just do your best and be willing to change. if you have all that, then you are doing good and my common sense tells me you shuld just let them get on with the job. really, you feel superior because you live in a "democracy". the fact that you have 1/30 millionth say in which bunch of losers get to screw you for the next 5 years make you sleep warm and cuddly at night. personally I prefer a competent gubmint with no personal vote of my own.
  9. ok, maybe 10% is for us "contractors", aye You can double the 10% figure to 20% in me post then if you is then happy about it. Now cans we talk?
  10. Hmmm, feel ya pain op. hpc is a biyatch, torn between logic and emotion. If you are hoping for hpc, then you are betting that the gubmint can't keep interest rates near zero longer than you have a life changing event. by now it is obvious to hpc die hards and thickos like me that this is the long game, let the interest rates sort out the massive mortgage debt in time and screwed you if you have the cash.
  11. I still maintain that come 2150, London is megacity 1 of 1 in the UK. Everything else will be chasing after rats. I come from up North too many moons ago. Best decision I ever made coming down here.
  12. guy, woz about HK and Singapore then. They don't look like falling apart now.
  13. I believe it is should be the sworn duty of every citizen to avoid paying as much tax as legally allowed for the benefit of their families and to avoid the misallocation of society resouces, until the tax rate drops to about a reasonable 10% that is (cf before WW1) then after which all you thieving bar stewards pay the tax man damnyou.
  14. I is amazed, lurking for a long time and this is first thing banner has said that I completely agree with. Winston Churchill was wrong about democracy innit. The best form of gubmint is benevelent dictatorship. You got a problem with that, you go talk to the Christians or Muslims.
  15. Look I am a thick as pigshit when it comes to big economics but even I can see there are some good things happening in China which we could do well to pay respect to. Seems like there is lot of haters here who would rub hands if China was to have crash of sorts. Don't know if this is ignorance, hatred or racism but I have some points to say which I believe the miracle might go on for longer than the haters can keep posting. First off which somebody has mentioned already, the GDP per capita is low in China, I think they about 100 down the league table so they are still growing from a small base. The fact that they are now no 2 is down to the size of their population. If they grow at 7% a year for next ten years, then they still only have a fraction of our gdp per capita, say a third or less. Who here thinks that a person over there is say only one third as productive as somebody here on average? They will keep growing just because of this one fact. Who here would be getting cognitive dissonance if told Libya can grow at 7% a year for next ten years. They has higher gdp per capita than China so why not China can do it too? Next off, lots of people love to mention ghost cities and wotnot and love the figure 64 million for some reason. I be telling you a couple of things. China is big place. A couple of ghost shopping malls and even empty suburbs mean nothing. You don't believe me, you go visit and find out for yourself. Granted, if London had 64 million (where this figure come from anyways, who is verifying this figure) then this would be problem. Ever compared UK and China on a map? Also, Chinese people have less investment opportunities than here so property is a main investment class. As such, they wouldn't let anybody live in those because they see it as second-hand and thus less value the moment somebody moves in. We have our stock market and property and bond bubbles, why can't we let them have an investment property bubble? I tell yuse one thing and that there will be less gearing in that lot than we have. Next off, China has always had some form of authoritarian government with the emperors and their dynasties. Now we have the communist dynasty. Last dynasty was Qing dynasty which lasted 300 years? Why not this one last at least half that say 150 years? Some peeps say that the Communist party has been the best gubmint China ever had. Popularity ratings are very high (>80%) which goes to show as long as money keeps rolling in, peeps don't mind who is ruling them, as soon as austerity comes even democracy isn't enough. Which is more important, your right to vote or food in your baby's belly? Next off, peeps here say China is overinvesting or overexporting or doing something excessive anyways. Fact is you can't base stats on published figures because they isn't entirely accurate but you can bet your bottom RMB that the real size of China's economy and progress is UNDERestimated more than anything. The black market and untaxed market is humongous. So when you haters is spouting off that China investment to GDP is 50% and highest than anybody ever before, don't forget to add that black market to the denominator in that fraction why don't ya? Truth be told, nobody can tell you how China is doing, you just have to experience for yourself. And that lastly leads to final point. I make bold assumption and claim with statistical significance that China bashers here have never actually set foot on China soil. But I bet people who have actually gone there and back is about 50/50.
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