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  1. Ah I see Mr Carney is using his alumni privilege and calling in a few favors.
  2. Telegraph click bait strikes again, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/savings/12136696/Im-aged-19-and-earning-18000-can-I-buy-a-home-in-Surrey-by-25.html To be honest I stopped reading after this paragraph: "The idea is to buy a flat as “cheaply as possible” before he is 25. Nick currently lives with his father in Surrey, and his mother owns a home in Essex. Buying a flat in either area means Nick would be able to stay with one of his parents while renting out his property." Lamb to the slaughter.
  3. I went on holiday to Hong Kong over Christmas. I'll admit I couldn't resist the urge to do a bit of local EA window shopping when I was there and the prices are on par with London when you took the exchange rate into consideration. I also noted a fair few miserable looking property touts on the streets of Central and Kowloon desperately trying to hand out brochures for new build apartments to disinterested pedestrians. I took sympathy on one and took a brochure for a tiny 1 bed new build apartment in Kowloon. It was being flogged for about 400k but it had a harbour view so obviously worth i
  4. Sorry that's incorrect. Nigel Farage was a metals trader at the London Metals Exchange before becoming politically active. He may have drank in the same city drinking holes as the bankers but he's never been one of them.
  5. McDonalds is going to be in for a rough time for a number of reasons methinks. 1. The minimum wage farce both here and over the pond. 2. Lack of value for money. Up until the 2008 crash McDonalds was always reasonably cheap and was always the poor mans Burger King when comparing quality. In the late 90's / early - mid 00's a large big mac meal would cost just under £4. It has now crept up to just under £6. Strangley though Burger Kings prices have barely moved to the point where if you can afford a Mcdonalds nowadays you would be better off going to Burger King instead. 3. The quality of fo
  6. Wow I knew alot of the land around here in Marlborough was owned by the wealthy but after looking at that map im shocked to see that approx 70% of the land in this area is owned by offshores registered in the cayman isles, panama, jersey and luxumbourg. The Rothchild family having a significant presence here might have something to do with it maybe? It also appears to be the largest blob of tax evasion in the entire UK for freehold according to the map. Proper rotten borough.
  7. "They bought it 11 years ago but now need something a bit bigger." So they were no doubt informed about the leasehold by their solicitor prior to purchasing and they've been paying ground rent for 11 years and have now decided its not fair. " She bought her 1960s-built flat a year after the Sneddens. She’d just left university and it cost her £74,000. Last year, after talking to neighbours, she decided to check how long her lease was — and discovered it was for less than 50 years." These retards deserve everything they get.
  8. From what I've been reading the 'smart' money has been selling since the tops earlier this year. It looks like Morgan Stanley are just trying to pull in more mugs to bail themselves and their 'smart' money pals out.
  9. My friend had solar panels installed about 6 months ago and was banging on / bragging about the subsidies. When I told him that it was all going to come to an end and the govt cant afford it he got rather defensive stating that "the govt have promised and they have to pay out" I laughed so loudly out loud, i think his neighbours heard it.
  10. I've noticed a noticible drop in service at some places, most noticeably fast food outlets and convenience stores owned by the likes of Coop and Tesco. With the fast food places around me Mcdonalds and Burger King are the worst for service. If you order onion rings in the Burger King around here the whole operation grinds to a halt and adds another 5 minutes onto the 10 you have already accrued waiting for your standard menu selection. Standing at an empty till for minutes on end waiting for a staff member to notice I'm there seems to be standard practice for me at my local Coop / Tesco expr
  11. From what I've read he's screwed himself and his company. From what I remember: 1. Two of his most valuable staff members left after working their backsides off just to see the post boy end up on an equivilent salary in the future. 2. He fell out with local technology CEO's as they felt they were being shown up by him. 3. Existing contracts were lost due to not believing that fees would not increase / business not being run properly. I think theres more but I cant remember, If you trawl through Zero Hedge posts for last month you should find it.
  12. But they do love those illegal fuzzie wuzzies paying for their retirement.
  13. "The Telegraph's Emily Gosden reports that Richard Lambert, head of the National Landlords Association, said he was “slightly concerned we are breaking 40 year old principle that it has to be a court that ends a tenancy” and landlords had been concerned that they were “being effectively asked to do the work of the border control”." Oh what a surprise, true colours out on show! Scumbags.
  14. I agree too. In hind sight I would have loved to study at one of the top tier universities and experienced a 'classical' university experience instead of the college v2 box ticking experience you get at former Poly's. I never made it into 6th form, I applied for a laugh just to see the reaction on the head of 6th's face when i turned up . It was never a serious consideration anyway, my school had pretty rubbish computing facilities and I was far better off attending a nearby college (a far more liberating experience than the rather insular 6th form culture at my school). Back then (98/99)
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