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  1. I could have bought a 2 bedroomed flat at 18 on the salary I was earning part time whilst at university. I kick myself most days that I didn't. But I have younger brothers in their mid twenties who I can honestly say the thought of them owning a house is ridiculous, they have no chance, they know they have no chance and so they won't even attempt to save. They are living hand to mouth.
  2. I don 't care if they wipe their arses with it, the people loosing it are the ones who actually pay into the system in the first place.
  3. I do agree with the general point around having more than one 'job' - or activity that earns money/can be exchanged for goods. It's a good buffer if things go wrong with the day job. So true, I have always had my fingers in as many pies as possible. At the end of the day it's not about what you earn it's about what you have left after bills. Getting out of the rat race asap has to be the name of the game.
  4. I used to think it was wrong that women were forced back into employment when they had small children until the day I went to a sure start centre. The "mothers" needed to be parted from the children as fast as physically possible in many cases, no abuse but low level neglect due to sheer ignorance. We've paid the wrong people to have children and now we need the right people to bring them up or the children do not stand a bloody chance and it'll be chaos in a15 years time. I do not want the children I have invested and nurtured being stabbed by one of the dull eyed pasty faced tots I met that day so we must parent them and the "parents too"
  5. And if you are unemployed you'll need the free entertainment and the possibility of having a baby to top up the benefits to the point where you can live.
  6. So one rule for the establishment another for the plebs when it comes to sentencing
  7. £755 a year for central London ? Never again will I believe the whingers about the coats of living in London, It's more than that in Birmingham
  8. Typically they don't due to the £75.00 a month difference and the fact that no decent houses are available to anyone with a credit blemish nevermind on benefits.
  9. That clever idea was brought in about 15 years ago, it's called Local Authority housing allowence. My local LA will pay an absolute maximum of £575 in housing benefit per month. Which is unfortunate for anyone on benefits because the typical 3 bed house is £650.00. The person then has to find the difference from their other benefits which does then lead to people cutting back on essentials.
  10. Or of course you could just pay the mortgage off as fast as possible and get on with owning your own home. Play the game on your terms. I joined this site in 2005 and have paid 50% of the mortgage off since whilst other have saved deposits, (I only needed 5%) and put their money in the bank, but others haven't and are still scratching their heads as to when these fantastic half price houses will appear on the market. House prices haven't moved more than 10% in that time but I haven't had to move and that alone has saved thousands of pounds.
  11. Just for a laugh tomorrow call your local housing department and tell them you've got two young kids and are 6 months in arrears with your mortgage and about to be repossessed ....... they will pay your arrears and negotiate with the lender for a more affordable payment plan, cut in interest rate etc etc. 6 years I realised this was going to be the case. It isn't going to happen. Wish it would I have younger siblings and it would be nice for them if it did. It won't.
  12. Some form of science ? Really wouldn't bother with that either, the only people I know who have science degree's and making over £30,000 a year are pharmacuetical sales reps. I know one with a first who earns £9,000 with 5 years experience. It has to be vocational ie dentistry, medicine if you ask me.
  13. Even the Arts 2.1's were acceptable ten years ago. What the teachers and career advisors just do not seem to get is that everyone I know in the media, presenting etc have degree's in politics, another language, history etc. You do not go to university to learn to work in the media, you do that for free whilst studying and for a good few years afterwards too.
  14. They don't HAVE TO do anything, so they are a smaller house than they'd like big deal, people who buy next, their younger brothers and sisters "might" end up in a bigger house than them for now, but really so what ???
  15. Yes, although I wish we'd stretched ourselves more back in 2002 and gone to 4 times our joint salary then rather than 3 x one salary in 2007. The difference in size and quality of house is upsetting to say the least.
  16. Well they haven't lost though have they, they've been bailed out which anyone could see would be the case after NR
  17. Why don't you like Melbourne ? It's very like England but with better weather, I would have thought that would suit many people. We are going to Perth at the first opportunity, I have had my bags half packed for years.
  18. About 6 years ago people were selling up in London, 2 bed flats and buying 5 bed detached ooop north, I think people planning to do that now might be in for quite a shock. Where we live in the North West I could sell my 4 bed semi detached and buy a 2 bed in London without too much trouble, the buggers have ruined it for everyone.
  19. At least you get coffee breaks and to use the loo on your own in the office which is more than can be said about working in the home
  20. It depends what you consider freedom though I quite like the idea that I stay married because I want to not because I couldn't feed and clothe 4 kids without a man to support me. People make their own prisons be it debt, a crap job, being a housewife whatever.
  21. Mum and Dad are strangers to their children ??? Is that what you really believe ? Do you think working mums are lesser parents because we aren't physically with the children 24/7 ? I was a stay at home parent to my first two before they went to school and can honestly say I am a much better mother to the next two as a result of getting out of the house and having a life of my own too. My children know me and more to the point I know if they have grown a new hair before breakfast we don't stop thinking about them and parenting once we arrive at work (in fact I do most of my "work" in the first two hours and then spend the next 4 online shopping, researching project information, printing interesting pictures or reading latest research into education methods, best schools etc as my computer faces the window rather than the boss). This golden age of housewife's people keeping referring back to led to many very unfilled women who are currently blowing their kids inheritance and plenty they haven't got too to make up for the fact that they were second hand Rose's whilst their children grew up.
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