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  1. Welshasylumseeker

    Wanna Buy A Church?

    Perhaps for me it's childhood memories of summer holidays in a former chapel turned bunkhouse near gwernogle with the extended family that makes it seem a nice idea... Still would only consider it for chump change though - I'd consider it "posh camping" with space to store hobby stuff rather than a full time home. Not bothered by the graveyards so much, more the inevitable covenant to maintain them for access would turn a retreat into a chore
  2. Welshasylumseeker

    Wanna Buy A Church?

    Interesting, I've had an eye on lot 8 for a while on RM, when I first came across it IIRC asking price was 175...now a guide price 100k less. There's been a few £20k chapels around narbeth that would interest me as somewhere to keep surfboards and somewhere to doss whilst out that way more than anything else
  3. Welshasylumseeker

    How Much Value Does A Garage Add To A Property

    Surely the primary concern if you are looking at an outlay such as that should be whether you need a garage or not, not if it will give you a return? If you are storing a motorbike / car etc in it, what impact does that have on insurance premiums, servicing costs, wear and tear vs being left out in the elements. Have you considered that against the bottom line?
  4. Indeed, at the sainsburies in Kingston there is an inner circle of hardcore bargain hunters that descend before closing, forming a ring around the yellow ticket man and blocking the fresh food aisles off from "outsiders"! I'm all for a bargain but these people are positively aggressive...satisfying on the odd occasion you beat them to it though
  5. Welshasylumseeker

    Aldi Profits Up 65%,like For Like Sales Up 30%

    http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/business/%ef%bf%bc%ef%bf%bcaldi-openly-targets-middle-class-people-who-are-in-the-shit-2014111192645 We can have thousands of people stacking shelfs and selling each other coffees, ultimately without primary and secondary industry it's all based on nothing
  6. Tbf miss airhead probably assumes every household has 4 x5's / rangies on the drive, plus the Bentley, Ferrari etc
  7. Welshasylumseeker

    Nhs Quangos Spent £2Million On Ipads And Iphones For Managers

    Maintanance is not covered by the warranty for starters - only defects. The cars simply can't take being driven 24 hours a day and having 100k put on them in 2 1/2 years. The astra's and focuses could that much better Most of the skoda vrs's in the fleet are shedding coolant constantly and eat tires - an issue not presented with the previous 330d - which is why it's coming back. Stick in an foi if you must and ask why Hyundai are no longer the proffered supplier, even though there should be 3 years left on the warranties of even the oldest cars
  8. Welshasylumseeker

    Nhs Quangos Spent £2Million On Ipads And Iphones For Managers

    Got any evidence about these claims, particularly about the cheaper cars 'falling apart'? Yes, but if you live in London, walk past your nearest cop shop and have a look - all the new motors are fords, the hyundais are being phased out after a year or 2. Considering the Astra fleet usually had 5 years squeezed out of them there is clearly a reason for this...not like there is suddenly a load of cash sloshing around
  9. Welshasylumseeker

    Nhs Quangos Spent £2Million On Ipads And Iphones For Managers

    iPads I wouldn't know about but I have personal experience of reasonably priced cars in the emergency services. It's a false economy. The met replaced the vauxhall Astra with hyundais and the bmw with a skoda. The cars fell apart in a matter of months, maintainance costs were higher and this meant stations were struggling to field officers when half of the fleet was grounded. When you factor in bmw's surprisingly generous rate for supplying the vehicles off the list price the taxpayer wasnt getting the deal it seemed, plus public safety was being jeapordised by regular incidents of, amongst other things, gearstick handles coming off in the hands of drivers, fuze box covers being dislodged and falling underneath pedals, all whilst en route to a 999 call. It rarely pays to go cheap on critical equipment
  10. Welshasylumseeker

    Phones4U To Close 550 Stores

    Bought the missus a Sony e1 sim free from them a couple of months ago as they were discounting, I didn't need much in the way of service having done the research myself, but in fairness they didn't try and up sell me either. If you have been thinking about a new phone anyway it may be worth walking by their stores seeing what cash deals there are on offer to clear their stock.
  11. Welshasylumseeker

    Where Does London End?

    I think estate agents in particular have triple understanding a post code is for delivering mail, not valuing houses!
  12. Welshasylumseeker

    Where Does London End?

    Part of the borough of Kingston is in the sw15 postcode?
  13. Welshasylumseeker

    Where Does London End?

    Autocorrect. Sewerdstone
  14. Welshasylumseeker

    Where Does London End?

    And there are some villages far out from London that have a London post code, Sewell, Essex for instance

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