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  1. When did I say I didn't accept them? I just merely pointed out, there are problems employing Doctors and Nurses, or indeed anyone in the caring professions when English is their 2nd language.
  2. But obviously you can ignore the Nursing Times, The Telegraph etc. Coz arm a racist inn I
  3. NURSES recruited overseas are being offered courses in colloquial English and lessons in what makes Britons laugh featuring shows including Fawlty Towers, The Two Ronnies and Coronation Street. Catharine Arakelian, a former university English lecturer, has discovered that although foreign nurses arrive with good training and qualifications, and often speak impeccable classroom English, they are baffled when they meet patients and new colleagues... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1381399/Foreign-nurses-learn-to-banter-with-the-English.html Thing about Doctors and Nurses, if they make a mistake the patient could end up dead.
  4. Yes see above. But don't take my word for it. See The Nursing Times: http://www.nursingtimes.net/roles/nurse-educators/overseas-nurses-admit-they-dont-always-have-the-right-language-skills/5071181.fullarticle
  5. Yes of course. Everyone's a racist who disagrees with you. Nurses arriving from the European Union to take up jobs in the NHS admit they may not have the “right” language skills to work effectively, and often have difficulty slotting into the healthcare system. http://www.nursingtimes.net/roles/nurse-educators/overseas-nurses-admit-they-dont-always-have-the-right-language-skills/5071181.fullarticle NHS Trust forced to hold English lessons for foreign nurses http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1263684/NHS-Trust-forced-hold-English-lessons-foreign-nurses.html
  6. Its highly unlikely that a Bulgarian doctor or nurse will understand the great variety of colloquial English spoken throughout the UK. This is a huge problem. You really do not know what you are talking about - do you?
  7. Yes bigoted, definitely bigoted. Really!!! do you people ever look in the mirror?
  8. I understand there is no appetite to reform the benefit system. I suppose the political costs for whoever were to attempt it are potentially too high - you can imagine the Guardian, The Independent and the BBC having a feeding frenzy over it. Also, I understand part of the reason for Boris now being challenged is that Boris has always been a keen supporter of freedom of movement. Other politicians no doubt sense there is a big old wave they can surf in restricting freedom of movement. Going for the Liechtenstein option seems to most likely and politically wise.
  9. Throughout much of the referendum debate, it has been assumed that, in order to continue participating in the Single Market, we would have to accept freedom of movement... However, we should have known that the Commission officials...were not telling the truth about freedom of movement – or at least the whole truth in respect of the EEA... EU has been quite willing to negotiate with one of the three Efta/EEA states on freedom of movement. Furthermore, they have come to an amicable solution, which has allowed it to secure an amendment to the treaty giving it a permanent opt-out to freedom of movement. The state concerned now operates a quota system little different in principle to the Australian points system. That the state is the principality of Liechtenstein... Furthermore, Iceland has used exactly the same provisions to suspend free movement of capital following the 2008 financial crisis, demonstrating that there is a real and effective option within the EEA Agreement which could be available to the UK, and solve a lot of problems. EU Referendum: the Liechtenstein solution http://www.eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=86122
  10. Anyone seen this? Sorry if its already been posted. Scottish independence at 2:36
  11. My dad and his brothers were issued with gas masks just before WWII, and when he was evacuated, he had to take it with him. Apparently Nazi Germany had developed nerve gas but decided no to use it - because the allies might also have nerve gas and also use it. We keep being told that Hitler was mad and the Nazis were the epitome of evil, yet...
  12. Why don't more people drive cars with automatic gearboxes in the UK? If you go to the USA it seems nearly all the cars have automatic gearboxes. Years ago, I was told that the reason is that the 2nd hand price of automatic gearbox cars in the UK is rubbish because automatic gearboxes are trouble when they get old. But nowadays, the market for 2nd hand cars has pretty much collapsed in the UK, so is that really still a valid reason for why people still prefer manual gearbox cars in the UK? The point is, is it the case that sometimes culture doesn't change despite there being sensible or logical reasons for it to change?
  13. Watch This Google Self-Driving Car Very Slowly Crash Into a Bus http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/272236
  14. I saw an advert for a job I could apply for today. Only trouble is, they are looking for someone who is "bubbly". I have got experience coming out of my ears for that job. Years and years of experience, and good references too. But I'm a 54 years old heterosexual male. I can't imagine anyone ever describing me as 'bubbly'.
  15. Latest asylum seeker news: Australian PM threatens to deport asylum seekers if they 'are irritating, spit or swear in public'
  16. B*ll*cks!!! Portugal had the biggest slave empire in the West in the form of Brazil - is Portugal stinking rich? How did Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, Norway etc become rich - since all these countries either had no empire, or tiny empires, or brief European empires? Sorry but this beating ourselves up with guilt cr#p does my head in. Or maybe it isn't guilt in your case, maybe you see yourself of some sort of victim who should be compensated? Did you ever hear of this thing called the industrial revolution? Britain did it first.
  17. Indeedy doody. If they're not from Norway, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain or Portugal - then they have no excuse for being here, and we, the British people, are being taken for a ride!
  18. I've no idea. But I think its useful in that shows 'libertarian' as a personality or state of mind rather than someone who wants to live in Somalia.
  19. Take a test and see how libertarian you are: http://www.politicalcompass.org/
  20. I believe thats what they have in Switzerland. Sounds good to me!
  21. Try variations on it, (such as English AND deserve AND survive AND Race AND jack AND Straw) on different search engines. If its a made up meme its been very successful. But if you don't like that, there's the Andrew Neather revelations and there's Mandelsons admission: "Immigrants? We sent out search parties to get them to come... and made it hard for Britons to get work" If you're English, the Labour party want you dead, disappeared, history, and given the chance they'd probably write us out of history. The Labour Party hate the English Never vote for these b*stards, they want us dead. Of course, you may not be English, in which case this may all be music to your ears.
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