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  1. Perhaps I should have explained better. I can of course look on a Rightmove, but from half way around the world I can see the prices but feel a long way away . I guess my question is not so much what are the prices doing as how are different areas developing in relation to each other? Or are they not changing and it is just a case of prices increasing?
  2. Three or four bedroom family house, all areas from North round to Iffley Road.
  3. Should have read 'any areas or types of property doing notable things?'
  4. We are due to sell in Stoke Newington London and buy in Oxford next year. I'm currently abroad. Does anyone have thoughts or observations on Oxford house prices beyond the price growth figures I can find on Zoopla? Any areas of types of property doing notable things? Thanks
  5. Sorry, Sherwick not Sherlock! Can't find the edit button. Didn't London prices fall less than other areas in the last crash though?
  6. @montesquieu feareth not, not going to base any life decisions on the forum, just interested in sharing experience and opinion. @sherlock, no mortgage to speak of (20k).
  7. I'm thinking of moving to oxford or surrounding area. Could someone give me an idea of price change differentials between town centre areas like Jericho and Florence Park and the surrounding villages? Do prices tend to move in the same direction at the same time?
  8. Hi guys I am possibly moving back from 5 years abroad, selling a nice but bit run down 3 bed terrace in Stoke Newington but in a very desirable street, and moving to Oxford, either town centre of surrounding village. House in N16 was worth 550,000 at the previous peak in about 2008, fell to 500,000 and I suspect is up to about 650,000 now as it needs work. It is very much a home I want for my family but of course it's also my main asset so I want to maximise value if I can within the parameter of it being a home. What are your feelings on how this move might affect my home as a financial a
  9. Thanks. Any idea on Stoke Newington vs Barnet? Possibly ever so slightly more for money in Barnet (as far as three bedroom houses go)?
  10. Hi - I'm still interested if anyone's got a view or opinion, or knowledge. Cheers
  11. Hi, thanks. I know they are overpriced, as is Stoke Newington. What I am trying to get an idea of is the relative prices between the three - and what my money will get me in each. Simply put - will I get more by selling in Stoke Newington and buying in one of the others. Are comparable houses e.g. (three bed) cheaper in on than the other? All help appreciated Cheers
  12. Hi there I am returning to country and have a well located 3 bedroom Victorian terraced house worth £500,000 in Stoke Newington, N16. I'm a bit out of the loop with regard prices. I know its a hard question but just to get me started, would I get more for my money if I sold ad relocated to either High Barnet or St Albans? Zoopla says yes but when I look at properties for sale for 500k in those areas I'm less sure. Any thoughts?
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