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  1. For the amount of boorish shouting and childish boasting you are the master of, I am shocked that you've amassed so little capital. But then the amount of time you spend promoting your rather inadequate website and trying to recruit members really made me wonder whether the whole thing was more imagination than reality for you. In future why don't you lay off the boastful attitude until you've got a serious amount.
  2. Not to you no. You are ignorant. For a start you don't even rent in burnley. You are a trouble maker and understand nothing about macro economic realities or the tide of inflationary pressures built up by the Uk being a G4 safe haven nation. Frankly I m surprised you didn't apply to become a somewhat better off tenant in one of Burnley's modern executive terrace back to backs. Please do not address me again. I will not tolerate it.
  3. Rents must fall, I must warn you. Rents MUST rise ! Your name is stoopid. You better get far away as you can from Burnley as the epicentre of this inflationary spiral in rents and capital values will ripple out to the rest of the country and the closer you are the more it ll hurt. Rents must fall, what a stoopid name. Aint you heard of the new business practice making millions for those of us in the know of charging a £5 over and above the weekly rent from the DSS? Gee.
  4. YOU ARE SO WRONG SURVEYOR. Where did you get your qualifications from ? Kellogs or Frosties Packets do not count ! Have you never been to Burnley ? Idiot child, rents are zooming up nearly as quickly as capital values as the glitterati of Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Milan come to rent and buy for their winter vacations. It's the Barcelona of the North I tell you. Look I feel for your situation, son, I do. I ll rent you the top room in my mates Burnley Executive Luxury Penthouse Lifestyle Avante Garde Development for £40 a week, plus £5 a week extra out of your fab professional f
  5. The reason they are having trouble finding anywhere is that they look like drug dealers, check the photo. They probaby didnt pay the rent on their shithole anyhow. I wouldnt rent him a gaff, he d head butt me. The landlord probably fed up with tenants intimindating him and went back home to Altrincham.
  6. Yeah leave BBB alone. I am forming the SAVE BBB Society, JOIN ME ! BTW I m sure the webmaster just enjoys seeing all the hits on his ads and isnt too bothered about whether BBB is allowed to exist or not. Up with DSS doss houses, Up with HMOs, Up Up and Away. If you have the milk of human kindness help save BBB, don't curdle him.
  7. How Dare You ! I am the greatest. BBB is also a fine upstanding slumlord and I will not have him talked to this way.
  8. ZZG get off my thread. This thread is now closed.
  9. And BBB forgets to say that Burnley University is rated only 700th in the country. Surely another bullish sign for capital values in the town, what with KFC rumoured to be on the march in the town of learning and whippet beatings.
  10. That Dave lee travis he s only got two or three houses unlike my mate BBB who pratically owns Burnley ! He is a prat, he moans about spending a tenner here and there (BTLKING), lets all join singing pig and call him a can't
  11. Ah so you're the man. I ve many elastics you can use to stop that happening to again.
  12. ANYHOW this is a housing thread. Let us talk about housing and not my memory of videos. If you d of taken as many drugs as I had you d be hard pressed to remember your name let alone events 20 year back.
  13. You dare take cheap shots at me ? I, Mark, am meant to regale you with the inside track on the Phamacist debacle? Am I ? We think not, get back to reading your Marx tracts you loon. Stop mithering me. Where I go, is none of your concern. Being middle class, wearing a tie and so ? Don't think you're important, ok. Mark doesn't take kindly to you're threats, as you will well know we are a salford band. Oh do not think these are the days of your bombast with me child.
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