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  1. Not sure why you bother. Arguing UK politics with someone called CyberNat is like discussing the American Civil War with someone Called StatesRightsShermanWasLiterallyHitlerJacksonWasStFrancisOfAssisi
  2. I quoted the relevant bit of it. The bit where it said there were still going to be means tested benefits including housing benefit which would be extended to cover mortgage payments.I'm not going to reproduce their entire website. Honestly, if you don't see how the green's policies are farcical then you quite obviously haven't read them. Seriously, what effect do you think its going to have to leave the EU, EFTA, EEA, NATO, disband the army, make it legal to support terrorism, abandon all border controls, shut down all the nuclear power stations, induce a state of perpetual recession, destroy the financial sector, destroy the arms industry, destroy whats left of the pension industry, and levy taxes on Christmas presents, But hey, at least they are going to test incoming flights for diseases. Seriously, how much LSD did they take before coming up with that lot?
  3. Their policies are revolutionary to the point of lunacy. They want to pay everyone in the entire country £71 a week, Cut us off from all our military and economic allies, and beat our swords into plougshares, while throwing our borders open to absolutely everyone. Just how do you think that is going to work out? I can almost guarantee a foreign military intervention within a single Green party government. Its about time the Green party learns how the world works. We cant live like Irish peasants in 1845 while sitting around a campfire singing Kumbahyah.
  4. Why? There is still going to be a means tested housing benefit and they are expanding it to cover mortgages. Meanwhile, the citizen's income policy is falling apart at the seams http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2015/jan/27/green-party-citizens-income-policy-hits-poor So much for no one receiving less. Total farce. Its their flagship policy and they haven't even figured out if they can make it work.
  5. No offence intended, but actually reading party policies can be quite revealing.
  6. Yes, initially they are going to pay people's mortgages too. It's utterly barking mad.
  7. Oh so they will get rid of housing benefit then will they? WRONG! EC733 Initially, the housing benefit system will remain in place alongside the Citizens' Income and will be extended to cover contributions towards mortgage repayments.
  8. So we can safely conclude that the green party have no idea how this is going to be funded.
  9. And? How are they going to fund it? Its a sum equal to the entire pension and welfare budget. Where is the money coming from? Answer came there none
  10. £350 a week? Month? Year? The problem with the green proposal is that its not just one flat payment for everyone. Pensioners and children get different rates while they are keeping a whole raft of other benefits including housing benefit. Im not sure how much would even be saved on admin.
  11. Who is going to pay for everyone's extra £1,744 to £3,744? Why not make it £74,000 pounds instead of £74? We'd all be rich!
  12. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/northernireland/10799940/Gerry-Adams-arrested-over-1972-murder-of-Jean-McConville.html
  13. You have some data on the number of cheap French houses owned by average UKIP members? Or is that just a strawman? I'm quite willing to discuss the pros and cons of an EU exit but it seems to be the main focus of of the europhile argument is to attack UKIP itself, usually by willfull misrepresentation, showing pics of Farage with his mouth wide open, and peurile name calling (ie. farage/garage) rather than present any reasoned argument about the issue at hand.
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