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  1. Hello ........, many thanks for your e-mail. In simple terms inflation is at best an average measure of changes in prices and cannot represent everyone's personal experience of price changes. The consumer Prices Index, (CPI), represents a basket of different goods and services that reflects the patterns of expenditure across a wide range of households throughout a year and reflects the relative importance of those items in their “shopping basket”. When the price data are collected each month it is often the case that some prices have gone down while others have gone up. The CPI provides an overall picture of changes in prices reflecting an average household’s expenditure pattern. There are hundreds of items in the basket, but it does not include every individual good or service available. Certainly utility prices and the cost of some other essential items have grown faster than the prices of some non essential items. But as I have already explained the CPI is intended to be a representative basket of goods for a representative household. I hope that this goes some way to explain why individual’s perception of inflation may be different from the official figures as the CPI reflects an average rate of inflation and may not reflect your own particular spending pattern. If you were interested to read more about the composition of the CPI you may wish to access the National Statistics website:
  2. my name is funny is it not as funny as yours how about i call you nob jockey you suggest i go somewhere else i think not who are you the hpc police?
  3. no nerves hit ,its just a bit sad lewis has to come here to gripe about people whom are aquaintences of his claiming benefit my view( dont tell me tell them)
  4. as i said get off your ass pay of your student loans and get a life (it dont pay going to uni for a doss does it )
  5. btw i no a few myself but i dont come on here moaning about it (an anonymous phone call is hardly brave)and as for that b llox no u could not live with yourself (gutless) this forum is going down the pan wtf as benefit cheats got to do with hpc?
  6. PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHINGERS as i said the first time if you dont like benefit cheats report them or are you to gutless ?no youd rather come on here moaning get off your harris and do something about it . me angry i think not i work and pay my £800 a month rent one other thing if you dont like the country your living in find another goodbye (you are the weakest link)
  7. NO DISRESPECT but you sound very green if you dont like what u see do something about it grass em ! or if you cant beat em join em or just grin and BEAR it . NO THE PROBLEM WITH THIS COUNTRY IS PEOPLE LIKE YOU DONT STOP GRIPING ABOUT OTHERS INSTEAD OF DOING SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE IN THERE OWN LIVES
  8. i call the winter blues people (buyers get depressed waiting f ck else to do ,go and spunk some BORROWED MONEY happy again for a little while )
  9. as we have said all along when the last bear turns bull the correction has started ! the end game is upon us
  10. what i cat understand is if someone is bullish on houseprices what interest would they have on searching house price crash on the web ? imho they must doubt themselves. come on bulls answers please
  11. im not having a pop here but when you say wages will be rising i dont see that happenning if the average wage is £30,000 pa inflation @2% £600 approx wage increases over the next five years = £3000 btw im in the construction game i was earning as much 5 years ago as wat im earning now the boom is well and truly over .when joe public realise this only then will we see significant downward movement in house prices every dog has its day . what i cant understand is why bulls hang around this site if they are so sure prices aint dropping or going to drop ?as ttrtr hes gotta be the strangest thing on this forum with his stupid avatar what a pr1ck
  12. looking from another angle ,people who have made offers will they retract them thinking the property is over valued ? will this cause a lot of sold subject to contracts full through?
  13. hi guys what effect is this going to have on the property market? is it good for us ? or will people think they are being undervalued and push up prices or vice versa ?
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