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  1. I think the point isn't actually to protect the wearer against infection but to reduce the risk of the wearer infecting other people. The evidence is lacking, but if you wear something that slows airflow from the mouth down, then it makes sense that infective respiratory droplets are not going to go as far.
  2. Another raffle, this time in North Wales A couple are giving away a stunning two-bed cottage in Wales as a £5 raffle prize Bought for £150,000 2 years ago, "Valued" at £290,000 and aiming to sell 80,000 tickets at £5 a ago One thing I've noticed on a couple of these recently is that they're offering to donate to charities if they get over a certain number of entries.
  3. Isn't the Irish GDP inflated by the large multinationals located there for tax purposes?
  4. Iran relaxed lockdown restrictions mid April or so and they've reopened shops, mosques, schools etc: Iran cases hit record high in second wave of coronavirus
  5. There's already a thread on this. I think it may come back and bite people. The idea of them is that they're for businesses in distress and they can't be used to purchase new fixed assets unless these are a replacement for existing ones. If they're self-employed then won't the mortgage lender find out that the money's come from a loan? They've also identified themselves as a credit risk. Even if it's obfuscated by the loan going to a limited company, they've then identified their limited company as being "in distress" and a credit risk.
  6. No, just proposing an alternative headline to the usual "Homeowners JOY as house prices SOAR by £4000 in May"! Clearly there's going to be screaming for props anyway and the government will do something.
  7. Nothing do with the price. It's clearly not selling because "dark and cluttered" " water bottle next to the toilet" Needs more twigs in vases and maybe some inspirational slogans on the walls.
  8. Just need the Express headline now House prices PLUNGE by £120 PER DAY in May
  9. H7N9 Influenza makes Covid-19 looks like, well, chickenfeed. It's already partially adapted to humans.
  10. "no mortgage member will lose their home" Note that's their home, rather than their house. Could be taken as saying homeowners protected, but BTL not.
  11. I wouldn't call that "cheeky" at this moment in time. Realistic maybe? Cheeky would be going over the BoE worst case scenario of -30%.
  12. The precedent was set in the banking crisis with "too big to fail". What they're planning here seems to be "too important to fail". I think both JLR and Tata Steel in the UK weren't doing too well prior to the current crisis so I worry we're going to end up part-owning lots of poorly productive companies in order to save them. Seems we can't allow the usual effect of recessions to clear away the dead wood any more.
  13. I would imagine that the volume housebuilders would be deemed as "key firms" and part nationalised if they were struggling https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-52793505
  14. So long as the government doesn't decide to "help" I suspect the leveraged student BTL/HMO lot are going to get hit as much as the corporates.
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