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  1. Nope, value will not return to the market. I think you will find you will be deeply regretting your decision soon when you realise its only your cash sterling that's going down (and fast), not houses. Personally, i'd be shitting bricks if I was in your position, given that the money you have can devauled in the blink of an eye, right down to zero.
  2. I agree. The game is manipulated very heavily and house prices can be anything TPTB want them to be, for as long as they want. No point in trying to reason or rationalise anything as that doesn't come into anything that can be manipulated. A line has been drawn under house prices - all you will see is light transactions, prices fluctuating +/- 2 or 3 % and bobbing along at this rate for years and years. Accompanied by that, you will see an even bigger gap between rich and poor. And if you are holding large amounts of money, you really should be getting it into something else before it goes po
  3. Oh come on, your letter is a joke, right? You do realise this would have provided a good laugh to the agency staff upon receipt before making its way to the trash can?
  4. No cutting back in the North East, in fact it's the busiest I've seen things in ages. Metro Centre chock full, happy smiley people walking around with big carrier bags of goods in hand. A new shop opened up that sells American candy and soda at stupid prices, but business is booking. Costs something like £8 for a box of Lucky Charms cereal with plenty of peeps queuing up to buy. Nope I'm sorry, but there is not going to be any sort of hpc any time soon. There is no austerity or cuts coming and things can chug along at a steady pace for many many years, and for far longer than most would expec
  5. Ah right, so unless you sign up to the forum with a post saying "House prices to fall imminently" then you are automatically a troll who is on a wind up mission? And I doubt I will last long as I've heard that unless you agree that there is going to be a huge house price crash, you get banned. Isn't it funny how the number of posts on this forum has reduced substantially since 2007/08, yet the price of houses hasn't reduced substantially? Maybe the posters got banned, are maybe people just realised there wasn't going to be a HPC so left the forum on their own free will? Let me tell you, ther
  6. Your definition of a troll: Someone who doesn't agree with you. Actually, your behaviour indicates that you are getting worried that you have been wrong all along and maybe, just maybe you lost. You seem a bit up yourself. From your posts, I seriously can not tell if you know anything about debt based monetary systems. What YOU think should be happening and what actually IS happening are 2 different things. It's just you cant accept that anything and everything can be manipulated against you and that's really rattled your cage. I do not say this as someone with a VI, as I have said I do not h
  7. No, I wouldnt buy at today's prices with a 110% interest loan. But if we were to go back to 2004, yes I would have.
  8. It's not that my logic is flawed, it's just that you cannot think outside the box. Many people can not pay off their debt and the banksters know it. There has to be a reset at some point. You don't seem to understand fiat currency and how it works. You also are getting confused between power and fiat currency. Fiat currency can be, and IS manipulated by banksters all the time which gives them even more power to control people.
  9. Ermm, nope, Im not a fully paid up home owner. I rent. And yep, I've been had too, like the majority of people on this site.
  10. There will be a financial crash, but it won't be where you think it will be. I'm talking fiat currency. Devalue every currency to zero (which is the plan, and will happen). Problem solved. Owe £300,000? No problem, now you owe nothing. Have £300,000? Well done, you now have nothing.
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