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  1. Crisp inflation is something I have also noticed. Six pack of Walkers Max used to often be on offer for a quid, won't find it for less than £1.25 offer price. Poundland four pack makes me laugh. Also I know this place is boiled rice and veggie central but takeaways are very expensive. Noticed it in curry particularly. Eat in price of a standard Rogan Josh at one place near me in small town £14! Swear the standard curries would be eight or so quid a few years ago. Got two takeaway menus for local place, one maybe three years older, price differences in some cases around 20 percent.
  2. Nothing new, a German guy fell for the same scam and gave 10 BTC to a fake Elon Musk giveaway hoping to double his money (because a celeb is going to give you half a million dollars for nothing?) https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-56402378 The screenshot shows a verified Twitter account but the user name of JoshyMcB should give it away surely? How do these Muppets manage to accumulate so much capital in the first place?
  3. Braindead segment about the budget on ITV news earlier, footage of potential FTB peering in estate agent's window being interviewed, saying it's good because he doesn't want to pay someone else's mortgage. Cut to media bint next to luxury flat development saying this is good for house building and therefore good for electricians, plasterers, home furnishings and removal companies.
  4. Out of interest, how are people tracking flows out of exchanges into cold storage - do exchanges advertise their wallet addresses?
  5. Your average schoolteacher under the age of 35 probably doesn't even know what the word pedagogy means. A hundred years ago they might have been intellectually curious, with a rich knowledge and understanding of classical references, biblical sayings and Shakespearean figures of speech. We don't produce those kinds of people so much any more.
  6. Convert the bed and bath section, don't even need to do any building - punters can pick a mattress of their choice to sleep on.
  7. There will always be people with the appetite for risk, playing hardball, cutting deals, and for taking on that risk there has to be a commensurate reward. So markyh can die a Bitcoin millionaire, fair play, nothing necessarily to resent. And there will always be that element of luck and good timing in all human affairs, that may sometimes be divorced from skill and desert. What does create a situation of despair is the increasing financialisation of everybody's lives, to the degree that if you aren't spending hours upon hours researching funds, pursuing crypto strategies, trading gold
  8. Two mortgage free properties at the age of 35? Surely you don't get that from extreme couponing alone. Husband's a (now redundant) sports massage therapist, can't have been raking it in - guessing there is some chunky family inheritance behind the story.
  9. The independent 2-screen cinema down the road from me is still closed, no idea who owns it and their financial position. Can't see them holding out too long, nor can I see Bond saving the entire industry. Need to get the punters in for two or so films a week with some concession spend.
  10. https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/covid-is-turning-the-tories-into-the-grey-party
  11. Are self-driving cars really going to navigate a roadworks for a gas main upgrade where there are cones on the side you would normally drive on and a guy flipping a Stop/Go sign (or flaky temporary lights) to control traffic, and a bus that's hanging over the adjacent joining road that you have to bend round, avoiding the sandbags that fell off the "Roadworks for the next ten weeks" metal sign? The minute you need to take over, even for twenty metres, you need to both be sober and have a driving licence.
  12. Wasn't there a big Vitamin D thread from a few years back with TMT and others talking about various brands of softgels, different doses, hyperdosing etc.? Can't seem to find it. Given you can get a year's supply for around a tenner it isn't exactly a rip-off like some of the remedies you'll pay for in Holland & Barrett. I was thinking to myself during lockdown that a likely effective thing the government could do would be to send supplements to every adult in the country.
  13. Massive inconvenience...my local chippy had to wrap up my haddock and chips in plastic instead
  14. @A17 - you are omitting the fourth, perhaps most widely conceptualised version of UBI - the £10K per annum (or whatever amount) that is your only benefit - i.e. no free house or housing benefit, no JSA, tax credits, child benefit or whatever. Depending on your political stance you could characterise it as a payment from the state as compensation for being a citizen, not being guaranteed any land on which to live nor secure housing or employment. Or just a way of maintaining peace in a post-scarcity future. The first counterargument is that it is inflationary and all costs would increase
  15. Maybe the family were recipients of bounce back loans?
  16. Being in Hertfordshire a mile or two from the motorway is hardly the countryside, now is it? "I spent seven weeks isolated there and realised that I absolutely hated it" - isolated there, as in, the home you bought with your own (boyfriend's/relatives'/bank's) money? You couldn't live in your own home for a couple months without cocktail bars and Korean barbecue joints? Happy ending though, being able to retire to the outskirts but still commute and travel back in for work and dim sum.
  17. Frankie and Benny's and Chiquitos are between them the absolute pinnacle of casual dining mediocrity in this country.
  18. The jogging thing was something I wondered about earlier, taking the dogs for a loop walk around the country road and footpath near me. A couple of times stopping at the side to let a runner overtake, the path is about two metres wide but then of course I carry on walking in their slipstream of huffed and puffed air. Felt a bit exposed and paranoid as they are doing a lot of heavy exhaling on their route, unlike other walkers or cyclists.
  19. Sweden seem to be doing reasonably well despite having effectively no lockdown. I suppose the population density being less than a tenth of ours and socially distancing as a cultural norm (leaving gaps at bus stop queues) will be helping.
  20. This "died from" vs "died with" distinction is curious. How are the editing guidelines being sold to the journos? In other news, a father of three who fell off an eighteen foot ladder is said to have died with the coronavirus...
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