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  1. Political language is quite fun to decode. Its sleazy mostly. Active and passive voice are regularly used. Politicians love passive voice to absolve themselves of responsibility: Mistakes were made..... Rather than we made a mistake. Its been going on since the Iranian Contra beef.
  2. Don't worry we can reopen the plant using the same employees except on workfare!
  3. So wait a second. The government are considering government intervention... To cure a problem which was caused by government intervention.
  4. Surely you mean 800 people suddenly became lazy
  5. Why? They were perfectly willing to engage in schadenfreude on the way up. Whats so wrong with schadenfreude and putting the boot in one the way down?
  6. This person reminds me of the feather girls on WWI and WWII. They would ride around on bicycles and pin white feathers on men in civilian clothing. They did this to shame them into signing up to rush the enemy machine guns. A lot of them did, yet felt no regret at the millions who died. If somebody pinned a white feather on me to shame me into dying in a war they'd probaby get a glasgow kiss. A lot of feminism is attempting to use the past concepts of shame, to make men do things they don't want to do. Like man up and get married. Men say no, while their sense of masculinity is crushed.
  7. http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/cars/2012/10/29/ford-toyota-consumer-reports-reliability/1666005/ A quick search vindicates me: Ford is 27th out of 28 car manufacturers in terms of reliability. http://www.torquenews.com/1081/ford-dominates-consumer-reports-list-most-unreliable-vehicles http://denver.cbslocal.com/2012/10/31/ford-takes-nose-dive-on-most-reliable-vehicle-list/ But don't let facts get in the way should we? I stand by my point Ford is junk and forever will be junk because they build them to be disposible.
  8. Mass produced cars are built down to a price. Like all mass produced things. Companies will generally seek to cut costs. Look at Boeing for example and the 787 dream liner, they cut costs so much people were cutting parts out with HAND TOOLS. So while you may have designed something on the drawing board, the accountants would have gotten their hands on it and would have cheapened the materials and cut costs everywhere. Its A + B = C A = the average settlement out of court. B = the average numbers of failures. And if C is less than the cost of a recall we don't do one. As said if Fords ar
  9. So essentially what you're saying is, Democracy is the problem. Since politicians are only interested in the super short term. Which is incompatible with the longer term view which one party (and effective one party states) like China 49 to present, Japan from 1950-1990. S Korea (1950-1985). Taiwan (1949-1997).
  10. Serves you right for buying a piece of junk. Fords have always been and always will be a piece of junk. Look at them too hard and they implode. The engines are the only decent parts of them, otherwise fords should go into the crusher immediately, death traps that make Chinese junk look safe. Back in the 80s the frame, shells and sills used to rot through and you could steal them using a bic pen top. The same problem is still around. A 6 year old Ford Ka, looked like it was made from pig iron it was so rusty. Even the Ford Plant they used to have a broken production line so they had to be
  11. What are you some kind of radical! What we need is MORE EXPENSIVE HOUSING, cheaper loans, mortgages that are milenial and last 10 generations. Oh and more rent seeking. I mean engineering and long term pancea like solutions? How arcane we can sit on our behinds drinking beer watching our asses grow as our homes all double in price every year!
  12. Manchester it appears is designed to gouge you senseless. So parking went up. So people took the metrolink, so they increased the fares. In addition to this many commuter tram spots they put in parking charges also parking permits on the streets around the metro as well.
  13. Somebody posted something about monkeys and being sprayed with water. When one went for some food. Same principle. Currently the public outnumber the security forces at over 10,000-1, an infantry man only carries 200 rounds. Do the math.
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