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  1. Get ******ed. You're all criminals.
  2. Now that they've done land and housing, everything else will feel like a disappointingly bad ***** in the upper fifth.
  3. Siegel has admitted on camera to engaging in undisclosed illegal activities in Florida during the 2000 United States elections, which he claims were singularly responsible for getting George W. Bush into the White House.[6] He said: Whenever I saw a negative article about [Al] Gore, I put it in with the paychecks of my 8,000 employees. I had my managers do a survey on every employee. If they liked Bush, we made them register to vote. But not if they liked Gore. The week before [the election] we made 80,000 phone calls through my call center—they were robo-calls. On Election Day, we made sure
  4. It's the bland mediocrity of these bankers I can't stand. If I was Lloyd Blankfein, I'd build a massive gold-plated pyramid with a huge hand at the top giving the V-sign to the world. And then put my neck into the guillotine, laughing my **** off.
  5. Oh, how terrible, it might take a whole week for some other overpriced coffee business to buy some cakes and and paper cups and find some minimum wagers to staff their branches.
  6. There's no significant wage inflation. Inflating costs just makes everyone poorer. Which is what I call overall deflation. This banker bloke has probably just been tasked with keeping housing market turnover and price illusion going.
  7. Yeah. Not sure. I've never dug a bore there or anywhere. I'm still yet to find consensus as to how significant recharge rates of the GAB are, seems to vary from "this is ancient groundwater, and the pressures coming out of bores have dropped 50% in 100 years" to "Since it pissed down last year, the GAB is being replenished".
  8. Certainly water above ground in the Cooper Basin system, we've been there and fished it. Not sure how optimistic this map is, but looks to cover the area where they intend to frack.
  9. Pretty sure the western extent of the Great Artesian Basin is under Arckaringa.
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