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    I was wondering how the rates were worked out. My new house has a Capital Value on the LPSNI website of £250,000 and size of 138sq meters. My rates are £1700 something. Now my father lives around the corner, 1 mile liteally away, just as close to city (belfast) as we do. His CV is £360,000 and 274sq meters, but his rates are £800? How can this be right? I don't want to sink him in it, but I do want to see if mine can come down... Am I missing something, he has just rebuilt his house, so would have has his rates recalculated I guess
  2. RV is rateable value? I purchased for 20% below this, but does this value actually mean anything? How often is it even updated?
  3. Ha, lovely. Surely the agent's problem and happens on other property sides besides property news?
  4. Thanks everyone! You are totally right, don't know why I am worrying about it. Anyways, on with the bathroom then I guess.
  5. Hey guys, Just after completing on my first home in Belfast. I am 28 and have been very frustrated for years watching property prices rise so fast when a lot of my friends and family were buying houses/apartments etc. and having a great time talking about how much they had 'made'. The good news is, I have now been able to buy a property that I would never have been able to buy a few years ago, and probably would have been well into my 40s before I could have afforded one like this - had prices kept rising. My only worry now, is, have I jumped in too early? Am I going to end up just like th
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