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  1. Dictators can and have been good for societies, but the problem is that no one lives forever. The Romans found this out - Augustus, the first Emperor, is generally regarded as a magnanimous and effective leader. But he was succeeded by some out and out despots.
  2. Not all the work is in the centre - North Bristol has Bristol Business Park, MOD, Parkway, Aztec West, Airbus, Rolls Royce etc., etc. Plus there are lots of dull people working at these places who seem happy to live in Sadly Broke et al.
  3. I'm on the cusp of making offers for my first ever property. Whilst there is a frustrating lack of quality, affordable (to an average earner) housing in decent areas in Bristol, there are houses out there that a couple, both on average salaries, could quite comfortably afford. I'm talking of prices much lower than £200k, which is well beyond my means. Having said that, I've yet to make a mortgage application so I might not be able to afford any house! I am fairly confident of getting a mortgage, though.
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