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  1. Is there anybody else who believes that the Bank of Englands program of Quantative Easing is bound to fail? Quantiative Easing is no different from a company insider buying their own shares creating an illusionary demand in order to raise their price. The only difference is that this 'illusion' is taking place on a vast scale within the UK bond market. Surely this has to end in disaster? The concept that 'economic growth' will remove us from this situation is simply not true: every day the Bank of England is buying more and more bonds/gilts to prop up the pounds value. Government spending i
  2. The eldery (and not so elderly recently retired on absurd state pensions) and the GIANT ELEPHANT in the room that needs to be prodded with a blazing hot poker. The current 'debt binge' by the majority of western governments to finance costs of an oversized state are slowly bringing down the entire rotten economic edifice inherited from the Saga generation.
  3. How the hell is this going to help the countries economy? This is just a stupid nonsense 'popular' conservative idea to gain attention. What Duncan-Smith want ot concentrate on is reducing the countries massive pension liability that the younger generation are being forced to pick up for decades to come. They should make a new rule: anybody over the age of 30 is banned from any form of state assistance including state pensions of any form. By the age of 30 you have had a chance to be edcuated and find a job. You were given a fair start. Now get on with it. If you work for the state and wan
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