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  1. They did reduce the discount available to £25,000 in 1999
  2. The chain restaurants I go to seem to be no less busy than usual. There are well documented problems in the sector, due to over-expansion saturating the market.
  3. There's a motorway services near my office that I pop into about once a week. Yesterday lunchtime it was 2/3rds empty - never seen it like that at what should be peak time.
  4. It's not too difficult to set up. Cost me £500 set up costs and about a day of getting my head round it then it's just a couple of extra minutes of admin each month while doing the payroll. All but one of my 4 staff have now opted out of it.
  5. Just because they are busy does not mean that they are profitable.
  6. I'm guessing that £2k pa on letting agents fees is within normal parameters and therefore would not flag up.
  7. I get a daily email from HSBC on currencies - their take is The dollar fell to a three year low against a basket of major currencies after Treasury Secretary Mnuchin said the weaker dollar was positive for American trade The Economist are also saying that according to their "Big Mac Index" which shows how much a Big Mac costs in different countries when converted to USD "only Britain's and Japan's currencies stand out as bargains" (this was before the recent rise). A Big Mac in the USA is $5.28, in UK on 17th Jan it was $4.41
  8. Holy shit, you're not kidding - that's a .03 change in the last 24hrs
  9. Just stumbled on this piece in "Property Eye" - time for the tiny violins.. http://www.propertyindustryeye.com/foreign-investors-left-nursing-huge-losses-as-they-scrabble-to-get-out-of-off-plan-deals/
  10. Also in a 3 year deal you'll have a warranty so no unexpected big repair bills, and no MOT costs.
  11. No - the importer is responsible for ensuring that the description and value of the goods is accurate: https://www.gov.uk/goods-sent-from-abroad I've been importing from the USA for over 20 years and a few years ago HMRC discovered a couple of errors in the way that my main supplier had been classifying the items - the result was a six figure demand for payment (most of which was VAT that was then reclaimable, but I had to pay it first).
  12. For now you are...but if you get investigated they can go back 3 years to reclaim unpaid Import VAT/Import Duty. Don't make the mistake of thinking you're too small for them to worry about - they like picking on the little guy.
  13. If people don't want lawyers, bankers and trade unionists as their MP they don;t have to vote for them.
  14. I disagree; whatever you might think of him, to many he embodies a centrist position that many voters are comfortable with, and so his endorsement helps bring the concept of LVT into the mainstream.
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