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  1. I'm very grateful to everybody who answered me!
  2. Encouraged by the great help I've got at this forum I would like to ask people what do they think about Highams Park potential? I'm considering a new build there: 2 bedroom, price 240 - 245K, close to railway station, commute time to Liverpool street 22 minutes. Is the price reasonable? Is there any potential in this area? Maybe somebody knows or lives in this part London and knows whether it's safe. Thank you in advance.
  3. Thank you very much for taking time to answer! All anweres are very helpful. As a newbie I have one more question - what are the best ways to negotiate the price with developers (as the flats are new builds) or EA who are based at their Marketing Suites? I understand that it depends on different aspects starting with human factor and finishing with the flat itself, but still can you please share your experience of bringing down the price on new builds.
  4. Dear All I'm a first time buyer and would be very grateful if you can give me an advice. There are two new build flats (2 beds) that I equally like, both the same size (750 sq ft) and specification, both cost the same (290 000), both are walking distance to DLR or Tube; there is not a single bit I like one more than the other, but one is in Bow (Devons road, Axio Building) - but it has a huge private garden, another is in Uxbridge - King's Island (willow avenue), but it doesn't have a garden and faces another building. To sum up: Bow + Garden + Close to city - High Crime Rate Uxbridge + Low Crime Rate - Far away Which one would you choose in short term and long term perspective? Are the prices reasonable? Which area has more potential? People say crime maps are not correct so maybe somebody lives in any of these areas and has an insider opinion? About me - I'm a female, no family, freelancer so I don't need to travel to the office everyday Any advice or thoughts would be highly appreciated.
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