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  1. a 3 bed terrace is not a bachelor property though. You have to factor in 2 wages....
  2. Interesting. I really think that IR will HAVE to go up, once the inflation from the Covid moneyprinting kicks in.
  3. I'm guessing South Africa doesn't have a big differential between their summer and winter temperatures?
  4. Isn't capital movements discussed on page 123? Or did you have something else in mind? https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/948104/EU-UK_Trade_and_Cooperation_Agreement_24.12.2020.pdf
  5. According to the population pyramid website, annual population growth in Germany is 0.86% compared to the UK which is 0.79%.
  6. Who is being selfish? I have chronic asthma and am a bit on the chubby side. However, it would be selfish of me to want the whole population to vaccinate themselves with a rushed through vaccine, for the sake of a tiny minority (like me) who are at risk. Personally, I've just upped my vitamin D dosage.
  7. My friend, a German university lecturer who taught in the UK for a decade told me that the structures are very different. In the UK, you move up the ranks as you get more experience. In Germany, numbers are strictly limited, and the only way to move up the upper ranks is if people die....also, after about 7 years or so, you will be booted out and have to find work elsewhere. He works in media studies ... and I think he said there are 70+ media studies departments in the Uk, vs around 17 in Germany.
  8. This is so true. My dad bought a house in 1995 for half of what the original owner had paid for it (docklands). 1995 - 2000 was indeed the bottom of the UK's biggest housing crash and it's weird how people on this site paint that period as 'normal'. IT was not.
  9. OP here. I have lived here now, for 10 years. Not to say house prices are not crazy here too - here in Munich, they are not that far off London prices, but most of the landlords are huge companies who run their portfolios efficiently. Rent rises are capped and most companies don't even seem to rise rents in line with the caps - It's very common to find people who have been paying the same rent for decades. And of course, I love the security of tenure and the fact that pretty much all properties are unfurnished, so you can really make your place your home, instead of just a place wher
  10. Yeah. There are companies that own tens of thousands of flats.
  11. I have to say that Germany and it's attitude to BTL is a real eye opener. Tenants have security of tenure, even if the landlord sells the flat. They also get first dibs on the purchase of the flat. Since tenants tend to stay so long, properties are rented out unfurnished which means landlords have less maintenance. When tenants move out, with all their furniture, it is a commonplace to have the house repainted and the flooring re-done and why not, since the place is completely empty and it is easy to do. The most interesting part for me is that apparantly, one would not be able to ge
  12. Asking for a friend. Her contract has lapsed onto a periodic tenancy. She wants to go back to Spain. She handed in her notice but the estate agency pointed her to a clause which states she cannot move out in the winter months, moreover, after she has waited 3 months to move out she will still have to pay £500 exit fees. Is any of this legal?
  13. I had a list of 5 wants in my dream flat. My current flat ticks 4 of the boxes. Alas, it does not have a lift! As I recall, the other 'wants' were a large balcony, 2 bathrooms, in my preferred area, close to the underground.
  14. I've been contacted by my Barclays credit card (which i never ever use), but not a peep regarding my regular Barclays account, and no communications from Lloyds either!
  15. Landlords are normally so over leveraged, I doubt that they have much tax to pay, after mortgage, voids, repairs, losses from a previous bad tenancy, paying the estate agent his cut etc. If they have any profits, all they have to do is remortgage to reduce taxable profit. The equity released is probably another incentive for them to buy another property...
  16. I'm no expert on the property market but my understanding is: 1) the 89 - 95 crash was the only time UK house prices have fallen by a nominal amount. So, odds are another crash is more likely to be real than nominal. 2) In the aformentioned crash apparantly there were no good properties for sale. Sellers chose to hold on until they were no longer in negative equity or at least, realised it's full 'value'. So, I guess the thing is: where will you park your cash whilst you wait for the crash? What if interest rates go up in the meantime.... I've been on this site for a long long t
  17. What are these new Capital Gains Tax changes then? All i could find is that from April, the taxes due would be due immediately instead of a year or so later.
  18. There is no mortgage interest holiday. The mortgage interest accrues and is added on to the loan after the holiday... This results in either higher payments per month or an extended mortgage period.
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