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  1. The person making the claim supplied a link... If you can't debunk with articles of your own, just move on. As far as I can tell, I have had all my vaccines. However, I'm not convinced mandates and non-stop boosters is the way to go.
  2. I don't think he was trying to frighten anyone. He had a link to a study and was speculating... as he said. Perhaps you have a link to a study which debunks the link he posted? As for the high number of people who were vaxed. That doesn't mean they trust in the need for the vaccine. Most I know, just took it 'cos they fancied going out to eat, or going on holiday, or in some cases, just keeping food on the table by holding on their job.
  3. Is there a way to see this? which properties have sold recently in a certain postcode? I'm not talking about the land registry ...
  4. I agree with the OP. I believe that the top might well be 'middle of this year and then, in real terms, we will see declines. Probably large declines.' However, bearing in mind that, I feel each of the points he raised could also be used to argue for a further HPI: - Interest rates are not even close to keeping up with inflation figures. A .25% increase, when everything else is going up by 10% is a joke. - inflation helps cover up the full extent of house price falls, possibly to the point that it is not nominally recognisable. Salaries will go up to catch up with the inflation. - Our Govt now have fancy new tools such as QE and Modern Monetary Theory. - The capital gains tax increases will put many off putting their second homes on the market. This could push up prices. - Globalisation used to be about western countries paying third world countries for goods and services. Globalisation is not being reversed. Now, the money is flowing from east to west, instead of from west to east.
  5. If prices in london are roughly the same as they were in 2016, they have already been falling in real terms. From here on, I expect wage inflation. Maybe a mini crash before the wage inflation, but I thinkthe wage inflation will have to kick in next year or so.
  6. Im confused. My statements were not at odds with each other. Eg - My house values collapses so I choose not to sell it but to hold on to it. Whats the confusion?
  7. In my experience - London house prices havn't gone anywhere since 2016 in my experience and other Euro cities eg Munich are actually more expensive right now.
  8. I never said the fall was selective. I just said, that a lot of people chose not to sell in a falling market. I can't see nominal prices falling too much. Now we have MMT and QE. Not to mention, foreign cash flowing into the UK like never before.
  9. I remember hearing that in the 90's, houses crashed nominally but nothing half decent would come onto the market. Of course, this time could be different in that there are more leveraged BTLers... But, maybe in that sense a real crash (sans nominal) would be advantageous to people looking to buy, as sellers would be more likely to put their house on the market as they don't feel they are taking e a hit on it.
  10. Well, to be fair, the MSM are always telling us poor people don't have savings and the average person has £500 in the bank.
  11. If you saw my original post, I was bemoaning that I didn't feel comfortable voting for any politician 'cos it's not clear who the lesser devil is.... Lately, Politicians seem to all make the right sounds in the beginning, before morphing into the same person. It's like they are all singing from the same hymn sheet. Turdo can freeze bank accounts of peaceful protestors and not a peep from politicians across the globe. As for your analogy about babysitters - I would do what I actually did with my kid, and never use babysitters....find alternatives. Out of curiosity, what would you do if you got 2 applicants for the babysitting job - one was a pedo and one was a tax evader. You won't find out which is which until after they have been hired and placed in the position of trust.
  12. Ah ok. I thought it had to do with potential cladding like issues etc.
  13. Times have changed. They don't make 'em like they used to. Why else would you need to stretch so far back in time to find a decent politician. You are the on being binary on this - Vote for A or vote for B. Clearly the current system is not enough. Maybe we need a more direct participation by the public. Modern Technology has made this possible after all. Byron, If you have a point to make, make it. No need to talk to me like i was a child. What do you gain from it? I'm genuinely curious. Does it make you feel smarter? more powerful? more manly?
  14. Ok. So no need to be condescending toward any particular group then. Basically, anyone who votes is to be pitied. I couldn't agree with you more.
  15. I have no allegiance to any particular party. I just don't want to vote for a politician who lies. Please point me in the direction of the unicorn politicians who don't lie and I would gladly vote for them.
  16. Wow. That's a long winded way of saying you don't believe it... but why don't you? I thought it was established fact that all time exists simultaneously and consciousness creates experience.... didn't realise it was considered Pseudoscience.
  17. I agree with you. I think a REAL fall is on the cards. Maybe nominal, but even if that does happen I can't seen it lasting long..
  18. However, we are close to peak population, so the long term trend for houses is anybodies guess.
  19. Your analogy is still not convincing. Hindsight is always 20/20. How can you be sure that unbeknownst to the public at large, plans to hyperinflate the currency away and start digital currencies are not being discussed behind closed doors.? QE has now become a standard policy which it never was before... Similarly, inflation is rearing it's ugly head, wage increases are not far behind, everyone including the Govt is up to their necks in debt, House prices in London are actually much lower than house prices here in Munich and other major cities so it's easier for more foreign capital to flow inwards... I'm just saying you can't dismiss the idea of a real crash sans a nominal one.
  20. Oh Ok. I was thinking in terms of probability, not possibility. Personally, I am on the lookout for aliens.
  21. Housing seems to me to be vital to the UK economy. Why do they have to SHOW that house prices are really falling? Who would benefit from seeing? and why have Govt never pandered to this section of the populace before?
  22. But with inflation as it is, wages are bound to go up. Hell, the dole is bound to go up! Also, house prices have shot up in the last 30 years, despite salaries stagnating.
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