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  1. here here. Why wont any politician put forward such a coherant argument? I dont buy the idea that the majority of people in this country are stupid enough to want rising house prices. Not even the majority of voters
  2. this is the headline sentence when you click on the link for NATWEST savings.... Get a rewarding rate of 1.00% AER/Gross p.a. (variable) with our online only instant access savings account
  3. did anyone mention the weather here......?
  4. readership Daily Express - Daily Express 558,513 (March 2012)/ 10% down on the year. Wonder why?
  5. But why would they want to invest in low yielding overpriced bonds in a country making every effort to devalue their currency? Do you mean they are happy to do so to push down the price of their own currencies?
  6. I find this interesting. As many long term sick as there are students or looking after family!!!! Hmm Economic inactivity by reason June to August 2012, seasonally adjusted: Long term sick - 2M Students 2.2M Looking after family - 2.3M Retired - 1.4M Other 1M
  7. My opinion on this is thar the EAs are not expecting to see the higher priced properties sell, they are trying to make existing houses which are more reasonably priced appear "cheap".
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