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  1. Danke I can get refs - the estate agencies suggest that they charge you 200 quid to employ a credit check agency!! you reckon offering to stay for a long time might swing it hmmmm How much do you think I should offer off the advertised price?
  2. I am in the parlance a sell to renter well I have a little experience in bartering when buying/selling a house. Is it any differnt when renting especially in the current climate? -- anyone out there have any negotiating tips!
  3. http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/story/0...1315925,00.html
  4. no mate I dont to be honest. O well ask a stupid question I suppose
  5. get away with you Ive heard about that place! George Michael goes there with Ron Davies looking for policemen to complain about
  6. whats the best part of london to live in then? I mean dulwich is it crap, whats north er islington? excuse my ignorance bu I'd really like your opinions - I mean use richmond an twickers as a comparison cos I lived there once.
  7. so you earn 48K per year and own a house whats the big wow in that? Oh right yeah you still got some equity. So where is the big wow?
  8. mate you dont need hometrak to tell you about property in bradford - that is going to skydive downwards. I know someone who paid 150k for a 3 bed semi near to holmewood cos he though the council might give it a leeds postcode. He's stuffed.
  9. fair enough if your purchase price is going to rise at recent bolton rates but insane if it is not
  10. 1 mans proposition - perhaps he's easily shocked. People are too late to sell to rent. Most folk will hang on grimly There are loads of rentals on the market up for negotiation. IMHO Oh and from what I've read TTRTR you seem honest. BBB I'm just not sure about you I think I smell B*****!
  11. The private rental market will get even more competitive -- owners will try to hang on to the property in their name for as long as they can and ride out what they hope will be a blip - simply they will try to get someone that covers at least part of their commitment. this can be seen in the number of landlords signing up to social accomodation schemes with the council and assigning properties to tenants over a long term. They know that the returns on renting are p*** poor unless they get a capital gain into the equation and they will hold out until the bitter end to get it.
  12. the report by those mortgage people 'purely mortgages' stating the real life problems people have meeting their commitments, the credit consumer ouncil and its debt warning, the IMF hastily correcting itself, the BOE saying it underestimated the threat to house prices, the poor third quarter, the sudden agonising over the interest rate, the american economy, the oil price. The rash of headlines in our press. Today, I just felt - its all kicking off! Its the change in attitude its stark man.
  13. I feel today is the day the slide really gathered an unstoppable momentum. Interesting times ahead.
  14. if you cant be bothered registering use bugmenot available nicely through mozilla firefox dunno about IE probably is
  15. Australian immigration will check you credit rating before awarding a VISA also many jobs and more and more companies will check your background as a pre-employment procedure. You are going to have a lot of explaining to do or evasion before you can cover bankruptcy tracks especially in these days of computerised record keeping.
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