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  1. That said, what I have seen in my year of monitoring is that only the high quality houses seem to sell easily for higher prices. The badly located/terribly laid out houses hang around and are either taken off the market or sell for lower. It's these vendors who will struggle long term I reckon.
  2. The sold prices ARE from the Land Registry source data And I can vouch for some of them as I have been out-bid on a few in the past year :angry:
  3. Well it doesn't does it, cos that's where the info is coming from Have a search on Rightmove for sold houses in Chandler's Ford, Eastleigh and you'll see that pretty much everyone in the area is an idiot, apparently Take note of the properties sold in 2006/2007 that have sold again, almost all in the past six months have sold for more recently.
  4. No idea about volume, I'm just checking Rightmove sold prices (from the land registry), but houses that sold in 2006/2007 and have sold again since have achieved about the same or higher generally.
  5. I thought they'd started including repos now, wasn't there something on here a while ago about that?
  6. That is wild! Have to say, houses in that road have nice looking grass though, even the "cheap" one at £125k
  7. Fair enough, so the prices haven't remained static in your area. This isn't the case where I'm looking, sadly, for houses around £250-275k.
  8. I've got an inkling this could be a north/south divide thing again, particularly in those areas where sold prices have remained static since 2007. There's no doubt in my mind that renting is the better option in the short term, e.g. if you need somewhere for say 5 years. However, the cost to rent v cost of mortgage isn't that too dissimilar in my target areas (SE). Rent for a 3 bed detached house is around £1250 pcm, and a 90% mortgage for a similar house is about £100 more.
  9. Visited West Quay last Saturday (normally avoid shopping on a Saturday) and was surprised at how busy it was! John Lewis was busy enough on its own. Strange times!
  10. I don't mean to talk bull ( ) but there's very little decent properties left on the market since spring in my areas in the SE. In particular a lack of 3 bed detached properties, which have all gone SSTC since Mar. There seems to be more available in the lower end of the market, but at higher prices than before
  11. Ah crap, someone's gone and built a hotel next door! Quick, Nimbys, grab your pitch forks!
  12. Clearly this varies by region. Sold prices in my search areas in the SE (Hampshire) are continuing to rise (based on sold prices available from Rightmove...basically the detailed Land Registry list).
  13. Eww look at the one in Great North Road! It looks like a 1930s railway station threw up on it.
  14. There's not enough twigs in vases in any of those properties to interest me.
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